Walmart Hidden Clearance Database Of Deals

There have been so many unadvertised Walmart markdowns lately that no one can keep up with them, so I’ve decided to put all the Walmart secret clearance deals available in a spreadsheet to make it easier for all of us to find.  All of the items shown in the photo were found at Walmart for only 3¢ each! Click on the Brickseek link to see if any of the deals are available near you (please note that each Walmart store has different pricing). Also, note that the regular Walmart app will NOT show the discounted price. You will either need to use the Walmart Plus app or the Brickseek app to see the price the actual checkout price. Bookmark this page and keep refreshing as it is continuously updated with the newest Walmart hidden clearance items added at the top of the list. If you’re a newbie to Walmart’s hidden clearance, click here for the ins and outs.

UPDATE 9/13/22  Over the past few days, the Walmart data we receive has changed. We've released an update to account for these changes. With this update, many items will now report a stock status of "Unknown,” which indicates that the item is carried by this store but that we are unable to verify whether it is still in stock. While we understand this is not ideal, we are putting our best foot forward with the data we are being provided.  We will update this disclaimer with more information, as it becomes available.  We love our members, and we hear your concerns. Thank you for your patience as we continue to adapt to these recent changes.

Update (9/13/22): Brickseek is currently experiencing problems with their Walmart Inventory Checker. We will resume adding deals when/if the problem gets resolved. 

Are we missing any good Walmart hidden clearance in-store deals? If so, please add them. Submissions are verified before going live.

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List of 3 cent items found at Walmart