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5 Ways To Save Money When Grocery Shopping


Grocery shopping can be surprisingly expensive, especially when a family is trying to stay within a budget. Save money on groceries with these simple tips and ideas.

Grocery shopping on a budget is a great way to save money on groceries each and every month. With a few key tips and suggestions, it is definitely possible to stay within a budget.

5 Ways To Save Money On Groceries

Grocery stores are specifically designed to entice customers to purchase more groceries than they initially intended to buy when they entered the store. However, there are numerous grocery shopping tips and strategies that can help customers save money each and every time they walk into a grocery store.

1. Save Money on Groceries by Cutting or Printing Coupons

Coupons are an ideal way to save money at the grocery store. These days coupons can not only be cut or clipped from a flier or newspaper but they can also be printed on the internet. There are numerous websites dedicated to providing the population with the most up-to-date and cost-saving coupons available.

Always check the small print on coupons regardless of whether they have been printed from the computer or clipped from a flier. Find out which grocery stores accept the coupons and if there are any specifications regarding how and where the coupon can be used.

2. Be Proactive and Create a Grocery List

A grocery list is necessary when grocery shopping on a budget. Not only will a grocery list save time and prevent wandering aimlessly around the grocery store but it will also save money because it prevents unnecessary items from making their way into the cart.

Once a grocery list has been created, stick to the list and only purchase the items that are on the list. Remember, grocery stores have numerous items located at the perimeters that entice people to make impulse purchases and items that are more of an indulgence than a necessity. This is why magazines, chocolate bars, chips, and treats are located at the entrance and the check-out aisles of the grocery store.

3. Pay with Cash Instead of Credit

Leave the credit card at home and make it a priority to pay for groceries using cash. When heading to the grocery store have a grocery list and the required amount of cash needed to pay for the grocery items on the list. Using cash to pay for groceries can help a person make good grocery shopping choices and prevent them from indulging in unnecessary groceries, magazines, or treats.

4. Refrain from Grocery Shopping on an Empty Stomach

The golden rule of grocery shopping on a budget is to never go to the grocery store hungry. If a person is hungry and shops for groceries, he or she will be more apt to make poor purchasing decisions. Often, people will be guided by hunger and place items in their cart that are not on the list. Most of the time the items purchased during periods of hunger are premade or prepackaged foods that are expensive and will exceed the limits of the grocery shopping budget.

5. Order Groceries Online

If you order groceries online, you are less apt to get distracted and buy unnecessary items. You can then pick up your groceries by driving up and never having to enter the store. You can even opt to have your groceries delivered from such services as Instacart to save even more time. You may have to pay a tad more in service fees and/or tips, but if time is valuable to you, the extra amount is worth it.


Grocery shopping on a budget can be a relatively easy experience if a few simple guidelines are followed. Planning out meals in advance, making a grocery list, looking for coupons online, paying with cash, and ordering groceries online are great ways to prevent impulse purchases and save money at the grocery store.