Less Obvious Ways To Save Money On Your Monthly Budget

Less Obvious Ways To Save Money On Your Monthly Budget


Let’s face it, many of us will be focused on the finances right now. The global pandemic has caused financial hardship to many because of reduced working hours or not being able to work at all, and even if you haven’t been affected, you may be wanting to save money where possible, however, while you may be trying to save money by reducing your active spending such as clothes shopping or spontaneous purchases. Is there anything else you can be doing to help? With that in mind, here are some of the less obvious ways to save money on your monthly budget.

Reduce Monthly Costs with Unique Hacks

Change where you do the grocery shopping and any brands

One of the first things that you could try would be to change where you do your grocery shopping. Some stores are cheaper than others; there is no denying that. Some stores are discounted, and others sell their own brands. This is where you can make some significant savings. Making the switch from branded items to store-own products can have a massive impact on the total amount you spend on groceries. The grocery shop each week is one of the biggest expenses that we have the most control over, so focusing on this and making small changes could save you fortunes in the long term.

Cashback sites, discount codes, and vouchers can help

If you do need to spend on things, such as clothing for the family or anything else you might need, then using discount codes and vouchers could help. You can search out the retailer you are buying from to see if there are any discount codes advertised online. It might add a few minutes to your transaction, but it could save you money. You could also print off and use coupons in-store if you wanted to make further savings. Last of all, why not try cashback websites? They often advertise discount codes, but you can also earn cashback every time you shop online at specific retailers.

Cancel subscriptions and memberships

We can all get a little complacent when it comes to our outgoings. Allowing the same amount to leave the bank each month. As many payments are likely to be taken as a direct debit, you don’t tend to notice. However, focusing on subscriptions and memberships and canceling the ones you don’t need or can validate the expense could add to your savings pots. This might be gym memberships, TV streaming services, magazines, and newspaper subscriptions. It is essential to evaluate whether you are using these things. If you aren’t, you may as well save the money.

Try these mindset tricks

Finally, there are a few mindset tricks that you can try to help you spend less and save more. The first would be to give yourself a “cooling off” period. This means walking away from that potential non-essential purchase and asking yourself whether you need it. Also, set yourself goals for other spending such as days out, eating out, or take out meals. Challenge yourself to have one a month or cut other things out of your life like caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. Place the money you would have spent in a separate account and watch it mount up.

Hopefully, these tips will help you save some money on the monthly budget.