Save On Your Family’s Prescriptions With ScriptSave WellRx

Save On Your Family’s Prescriptions With ScriptSave WellRx


As I’ve wrote about before, my children have various health problems and thus some days our kitchen island looks like a pharmacy gone wild! And prescription medications are expensive! Thus, I’m always researching new ways to save money on meds.

The newest medication money-saver I discovered is the ScriptSave® WellRx mobile app which is available for Android & iPhone. You don’t even have to go through a registration process to use. Simply download the app (it’s free), swipe through three screens showing you how the app works, and then you’re presented with your prescription savings card to use at the pharmacy (over 65,000 pharmacies participate so there is mostly like near one you). You can also request your savings card online (if you don’t want to download the app to your mobile phone) at

Save On Your Family’s Prescriptions With ScriptSave WellRx

I personally take Ambien at night to help me fall asleep as my brain won’t shut off! My health insurance does not cover the cost of Ambien and even the generic version is around $80 per month, so I’ve “shopped” around for the best deal. I used to use GoodRx, but my pharmacy no longer accepts GoodRx. Then I switched to using Blink, but it requires you to pay them ahead of time before you actually pick up your medication. One time I paid for the wrong medication strength so had to cancel my order, get a refund and reorder (what a pain) – the things I do to save money!

Save On Your Family’s Prescriptions With ScriptSave WellRx

But now after finding ScriptSave WellRx, I am switching to them because I just searched the cost of Ambien (you simply search for your medication name and the zip code you’re in), and Zolpidem Tartrate (the generic name for Ambien) is only $5.49 per month, and I can get it at the same pharmacy I’ve been using for years (and I can pay for it when I pick it up). 

And it gets even better, you can “get price alerts” to let you know if the cost of your medication drops to a lower price at another nearby pharmacy. I have been known to get different medicines at different pharmacy locations to save a few bucks. You do have to register in the to take advantage of this feature, but again, it is free with no membership required. Or if you are accessing via a browser, you simply input your email address to get weekly or monthly price drop alert emails.

On the app, you can also set up Take My Meds Reminders (this is not available on the website). You do need to register and add your medication names to take advantage of this feature. If I could offer them user feedback, I would allow the option to set reminders without having to add the medication names as many people (not just elderly) use pillcases that are filled weekly, biweekly or monthly (by themselves or others). Then the patient could get a notification to take their morning meds or noon meds or evening meds. I think getting a notification to take this med and that med would be too much for the kind of people that take a lot of medications and actually need a reminder. 

ScriptSave WellRx also offers personalized wellness and grocery guidance. If you set up a health profile within the app (again, this is only available via the app and not the website), you can use the built-in barcode scanner and/or search tool to review foods (in your pantry and/or while shopping in stores). There is still limited data on brand/private label foods, so you can scan the brand name version of those foods for similar data. 

In full transparency, I am getting paid to write this post. But I am personally going to start using ScriptSave WellRx to save on my Ambien. The ScriptSave WellRx program is simply a saving card and NOT insurance so the discount works whether you have insurance or not. 

ScriptSave WellRx advocates for underinsured people and their families by offering savings on prescription medicines at local pharmacies. Check it out yourself – it’s fast, easy and FREE (my favorite word).

Save On Your Family’s Prescriptions With ScriptSave WellRx

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