How to Get the Most Out of Your Office’s Remote Accounting Team

How to Get the Most Out of Your Office’s Remote Accounting Team


The landscape of work, as we know it, has evolved significantly in recent years. Remote work is now becoming the new norm for many industries. 

The New York Times reports that a recent survey of 10,000 people in America showed that 12 percent of workers are working fully remotely. The number of people working remotely has somewhat decreased as the situation with the COVID pandemic has significantly improved. However, many are still eager to work from home, and soon enough, this number will see a decent climb. 

According to Upwork, around 32.6 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025. This number makes up almost 22 percent of the American workforce. Thus, it’s evident that the popularity of working remotely will eventually grow with time. 

This transition has brought about numerous advantages. However, it has also presented unique challenges for certain office departments that rely on close collaboration and meticulous attention to detail. This includes office accounting teams, who must maintain accuracy, productivity, and seamless teamwork for maximum efficiency. 

In this article, we will delve into a few tips that can empower your office’s accounting team to work efficiently in a remote setting.

Establish Clear Communication Channels

At the heart of any type of remote work lies effective communication. The case is no different for the accounting professionals working for your company. 

Clear communication is a must when it comes to handling your company’s finances and numbers. That’s why your accounting team must be skilled at communicating remotely via all available channels. 

Whether it be instant messaging apps or video conferencing platforms, make sure the accounting team is trained to use them efficiently. At the same time, they must know how to make the most of collaboration tools. Accounting teams in particular must be adept at using tools like Google Sheets where they can collaborate on spreadsheets. 

Set Clear Expectations and Goals

Remote work demands a certain level of autonomy, but this should be supported by clearly defined expectations and goals. Establish daily, weekly, and monthly targets that align with the team’s overall objectives. These goals not only provide a sense of direction but also enable team members to track their progress and contributions effectively. 

Regularly review and adjust these expectations as necessary. Doing so will foster a dynamic and adaptable work environment that prioritizes productivity and growth.

Implement Robust Data Security Measures

According to IBM, the global average cost of a data breach is $4.45 million in 2023 so far. If the data breach concerns sensitive documents like your financial reports, the loss can be significantly worse. However, as your accounting team works remotely, such important documents will be constantly exchanged between them over the internet. This increases the chances of such data breaches which will cause your business a lot of problems including financial losses.  

Working with financial data entails a high level of confidentiality and security. Ensuring that your accounting team has the necessary tools and protocols in place to maintain data security is non-negotiable. Utilize communication channels with end-to-end encryption, provide secure virtual private network (VPN) access, and implement multi-factor authentication for accessing sensitive financial systems.

There is also a need for secure file-sharing for accounting professionals. File sharing via the internet is never safe. When an accounting firm or team needs to do so, they must be extremely careful. From using highly secure cloud storage facilities to encrypting the files, take whatever means necessary to keep these accounting documents secure. 

According to Mango Practice Management, methods that require identity verification will provide the best possible security for exchanging sensitive documents. Limiting access and encrypting data transfers is also necessary here. Ideally, you should invest in secure file-sharing solutions that can provide these facilities as your accounting team exchanges files via the internet. 

Promote a Structured Work Routine

Encourage your accounting team to establish structured work routines that mimic their in-office schedule. Having dedicated workspaces, adhering to regular working hours, and taking scheduled breaks can help maintain a healthy work-life balance. A structured routine not only enhances focus and productivity but also supports overall well-being.

Your accounting team needs to be on the same page when it comes to making key accounting or financial decisions. For that, a structured routine is a must. Simultaneously real-time data analysis done by multiple accountants will lead to a lower chance of making mistakes.

Besides, in many cases, you might need certain numbers at your disposal as early as possible during a regular workday. Unless they follow a proper routine, your accounting team will struggle to get this done remotely. 

Invest in Professional Development

Remote work doesn’t mean professional development should take a back seat. To ensure that your accounting team remains at the forefront of industry trends and advancements, allocate resources for continuous learning. 

Encourage participation in online courses, webinars, and workshops related to accounting, finance, and remote work best practices. By investing in their growth, you empower your team members to enhance their skills and contribute more effectively to the organization’s success.


For running a successful business, your accounting team must perform at its best, and working remotely shouldn’t be a hindrance to that. As long as you can ensure the points discussed above, a remote work setting won’t be a problem for your accounting team. If anything, ensuring all this will improve their work efficiency, leading to better results for your business.

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