Hidden Healthcare Benefits: Surprising HSA/FSA Eligible Expenses

23 Hidden Healthcare Benefits: Surprising HSA/FSA Eligible Expenses


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, understanding and effectively utilizing Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) can be a game-changer in managing medical expenses. Both HSAs and FSAs are tax-advantaged accounts designed to help individuals save for and pay for medical expenses, but they differ in terms of eligibility, contribution limits, and rollover rules. Keep reading to find out lesser known HSA/FSA eligible expenses that you may not have known about. 

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are available to individuals enrolled in high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). They stand out due to their triple tax advantage: contributions are tax-deductible, earnings grow tax-free, and withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are not taxed. One of the key features of an HSA is its rollover capability. Unlike an FSA, any unused funds in an HSA roll over year to year and can even be invested, making it a valuable tool for long-term health savings and even retirement planning.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), on the other hand, are employer-established benefit plans. These accounts allow employees to set aside pre-tax dollars for medical and healthcare-related expenses. FSAs are particularly advantageous for reducing taxable income. However, they generally have a “use-it-or-lose-it” rule, meaning funds must be used within the plan year, although some plans offer a grace period or allow a small amount to roll over to the next year.

Both HSAs and FSAs cover a range of medical expenses, including deductibles, copayments, prescription medications, and other health-related costs. What many don’t realize is the breadth of products and services that fall under eligible expenses — often extending far beyond the standard medical care items.

This article delves into the less obvious but equally important uses of HSA and FSA funds, revealing how you can maximize these accounts for a wide array of health-related needs, from innovative medical devices to daily wellness products.

Lesser Known HSA/FSA Eligible Expenses 

Many account holders are pleasantly surprised to discover that these health savings vehicles can be used for a variety of less conventional items and services. From high-tech health gadgets to everyday wellness products, the scope of what your HSA or FSA can cover might be broader than you think. We researched some of these unexpected yet HSA/FSA eligible expenses to shed light on how you can make the most of your healthcare savings.

1. Anti-Snoring Devices

These devices, designed to reduce or eliminate snoring, are often eligible for HSA/FSA spending. They range from simple nasal strips to more advanced mouthpieces, providing relief for snorers and their partners.

woman plugging the nose of a snoring male partner

Here are some anti-snoring device options:

  • Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) by MPowrx is a tongue stabilizing device with a no-boil and bite process and no jaw displacement.
  • Smart Nora is a contact-free snoring solution, so you can say goodbye to mouthguards, strips, and straps! Smart Nora’s patented technology detects early sounds of snoring and then gently moves the pillow to stop the snoring.
  • SnoreMeds sells easy-to-use custom-fit anti-snoring mouthpieces for men and women with free shipping and a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • SnoreRx is a custom-fitted mandibular advancement device (MAD) or in other words, an anti-snoring mouthpiece. This product is made in the USA.
  • SomniFix Strips are clinically proven mouth tape that promotes nose breathing, reduces snoring, increases CPAP compliance, and improves sleep quality.
  • VitalSleep is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that comes with a 60-night money-back guarantee and one year warranty. Save an extra 15% with Code: BNPL15
  • ZQuiet is a dentist-designed medical mouth device regulated by the FDA that is both safe and effective to treat snoring.

2. CPAP Machines

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines, crucial for individuals with sleep apnea, are a covered expense. This includes the machine itself, along with necessary accessories like masks and tubing. Insurance providers such as BlueCross, Aetna, Humana, Cigna, UHC and even Medicare cover the cost of a CPAP/BiPAP machine and supplies if you have a prescription from your doctor, but in cases where they don’t, you can definitely use your HSA/FSA funds. 

woman wearing CPAP Machine

RespShop sells CPAP machines, CPAP masks & parts, CPAP supplies, humidifiers & parts, oxygen & supplies, and home sleep apnea tests. They also make it easy to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. 

Health Products For You sells for CPAP machines, BiPAP systems, and PAP therapy aids as well.  

3. Smart Baby Monitors

Advanced baby monitors that track vital signs of and provide peace of mind for parents are eligible expenses and great for new babies. These devices often include features like heart rate monitoring, oxygen level detection, and sleep tracking. 

Owlet offers smart technology-driven baby monitors. Their products, like the Owlet Smart Sock, track vital signs like heart rate and oxygen levels, providing parents with peace of mind and real-time insights into their baby’s well-being. Compare the real Owlet to these Owlet alternatives

Nanit combines baby monitoring with sleep science, offering advanced cameras and sleep tracking technology. Their products provide detailed insights into a baby’s sleep patterns, helping parents make informed decisions for better sleep health for their infants. Nanit also offers military discounts for veterans and active military members. 

4. Smart Beds

Therapeutic smart beds, which can adjust firmness, temperature, and even positioning for medical needs, can be paid for with HSA/FSA funds if prescribed by a healthcare provider.

A Sleep Number smart bed or DualTemp layer may be a qualified purchase under your HSA or FSA, if your health care provider recommends the product to help with a medical condition. 

5. Skincare & Acne Solutions

Skincare, particularly for conditions like eczema and psoriasis, involves specialized products to soothe, hydrate, and protect the skin. These dermatologically-approved treatments are often  eligible for HSA/FSA eligible expenses and are designed to manage symptoms and provide relief from chronic skin conditions, enhancing skin health and comfort.

Acne treatments, including over-the-counter creams, gels, and prescription medications, are also covered expenses. This also extends to certain light therapy devices used in acne treatment.

Hero Cosmetics focuses on innovative skincare solutions, particularly renowned for their acne-fighting products. They offer a range of targeted treatments, including the popular Mighty Patch, designed to effectively tackle acne while being gentle on the skin.

6. Incontinence Supplies

Incontinence products such as pads, adult diapers, and bed protectors are eligible for purchase with HSA/FSA funds, providing support and comfort for those dealing with incontinence.

HDIS specializes in home delivery of incontinence products, offering a discreet, convenient service for a wide range of high-quality supplies. They provide personalized care and a variety of products to meet individual needs, ensuring comfort and confidence for their customers.

7. Orthotics

Custom orthotics and over-the-counter shoe inserts prescribed by a doctor for foot-related medical conditions are eligible expenses, helping to alleviate pain and improve mobility.

FitMyFoot offers custom-fit footwear solutions, including orthotics and personalized flip-flops, crafted using advanced 3D technology. Their products are designed to provide optimal comfort and support, tailored to each individual’s foot shape for improved foot health and overall wellbeing.

AlleviateTherapy.com offers a comprehensive, research-backed system for managing plantar fasciitis. Their athlete-tested therapeutic devices are specifically designed to target and alleviate the discomfort associated with this common foot condition. Focusing on non-invasive, innovative technology, AlleviateTherapy.com provides effective solutions for those seeking relief from chronic foot pain

8. Diabetic Testing Supplies

All necessary diabetic testing supplies, including blood glucose monitors, test strips, lancets, and even insulin pumps, are covered under HSA/FSA accounts.

man with arm sleeve tattoo doing glucose level testing

Diabetes Store is an online destination offering a wide range of affordable diabetic supplies and educational resources. It simplifies diabetes management with easy access to essential tools like glucose monitors and insulin pumps.

9. Migraine Headache Devices

Certain medical devices designed to alleviate migraine pain, like neurostimulators and migraine relief bands, can be purchased using HSA/FSA funds, offering non-pharmaceutical options for migraine sufferers.

Cefaly is an innovative, non-invasive device offering relief from migraines. Using neurostimulation, it targets the trigeminal nerve to alleviate pain. This FDA-cleared, drug-free solution is easy to use, making it ideal for those seeking an alternative approach to migraine management

10. Breast Pumps and Accessories

Breast pumps and related accessories are eligible, including the pump, storage bags, and other nursing supplies.

Manual breast pump and milk at background

Willow Breast Pumps redefine breastfeeding with their innovative, wearable design. These hands-free, cordless pumps offer mobility and discretion, fitting seamlessly into a busy mother’s lifestyle. Willow combines advanced technology with practicality for modern mothers.

Aeroflow Breast Pumps specializes in helping mothers access breast pumps through insurance. They offer a range of top-brand pumps and personalized support, making the process easy and stress-free. Aeroflow is dedicated to enhancing the breastfeeding journey for every mother.

11. Dental and Orthodontic Services

Did you know that your HSA or FSA can cover more than just your regular dental cleanings? These accounts can also be used for orthodontic treatments, including braces and Invisalign. Additionally, expenses like dental implants and dentures are typically eligible for payment with HSA/FSA funds.

Close-up Of A Woman's Hand Putting Transparent Aligner In Teeth

Online clear teeth aligners have revolutionized orthodontic treatment, offering a convenient and discreet way to straighten teeth. These custom-made, transparent aligners are designed based on 3D scans or impressions of the user’s teeth, and they gently shift teeth into the desired position over time. Ideal for those seeking a less noticeable alternative to traditional braces, these aligners can be ordered online and delivered directly to the user, allowing for treatment from the comfort of home. With the growing number of companies entering this space, consumers now have access to a variety of options to suit their specific orthodontic needs and preferences. According to Forbes Health, here are the top rated invisible braces and teeth aligners you can get online:

  1. Byte
  2. NewSmile
  3. 2Usmiles
  4. Alignerco
  5. Aligner32

12. Vision Care Beyond Eyeglasses

While eyeglasses and contact lenses are commonly known to be HSA/FSA eligible, other vision-related expenses are also covered. This includes the cost of laser eye surgery (like LASIK), prescription sunglasses, and even saline solution and lens cleaning wipes for contact lenses.

Beautiful woman wearing four different pairs of eyeglasses.

We’ve found that eyeglasses and contact lenses are less expensive online than at the optometrist office. With the savings, you can indulge in several pairs of cute specs! Here’s the online eyeglass and contact lens providers online that we recommend:

13. Over-the-Counter Medications and Supplies

Recent changes have expanded HSA/FSA eligibility to include over-the-counter (OTC) medications without a prescription. This includes pain relievers, allergy medications, and even acne treatments. Additionally, items like first-aid kits, bandages, and certain medical supplies are also eligible. And you can buy these pretty much anywhere! Click on any of the top store links below for eligible items:

14. Menstrual Care Products

A recent and significant change to HSA/FSA eligibility rules includes the inclusion of menstrual care products. This means that items like tampons, pads, menstrual cups, and other related products can be purchased with these accounts. You can buy these at any of the stores listed above as well. 

15. Mental Health Services

Mental health services, including therapy and counseling, are eligible expenses. This can be a crucial resource for those seeking support for mental health issues, as these services are often not fully covered by insurance plans.

Talkspace is a leading online therapy platform, offering convenient access to licensed therapists via text, video, and voice messaging. Tailored for those seeking mental health support in a flexible, digital format, Talkspace connects users with professionals suited to their individual needs, making mental healthcare more accessible and adaptable to modern lifestyles.

16. Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs prescribed by a doctor for a specific disease (like obesity, hypertension, or heart disease) are eligible. Weight loss programs provide guided diet and exercise plans to help individuals achieve sustainable weight loss. They focus on healthy lifestyle changes and may include personalized coaching.

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a scientifically-backed weight loss program developed by experts at the Mayo Clinic. Focused on sustainable, healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes, it emphasizes nutritious food choices and portion control, aiming to foster long-term health and weight management

17. Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation programs are designed to assist individuals in quitting smoking. These programs provide a range of resources and support, including nicotine replacement therapies, counseling, and behavioral strategies. Tailored to address both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, they aim to increase the chances of successfully quitting smoking and improving overall health. HSA/FSA funds can also be used for over-the-counter smoking cessation products.

18. Shoes

Shoes and shoe inserts, when prescribed for specific foot-related medical conditions, can be an eligible expense under HSA funds. These specialized footwear solutions, including custom orthotics and therapeutic shoes, are designed to provide necessary support, alleviate discomfort, and promote proper foot alignment, contributing to overall foot health and mobility.

DrComfort.com offers a range of therapeutic shoes that cater to various foot-related health needs and HSA/FSA eligible expenses. Specializing in comfort and support, their shoes are designed for individuals with diabetes, arthritis, and other conditions requiring extra foot care, blending style with medical-grade quality.

19. Sunscreen 

Sunscreen with a high SPF rating is eligible for purchase with HSA/FSA funds. Sunscreen is a vital skin protection product that shields against harmful UV rays. It helps prevent sunburn, skin aging, and lowers the risk of skin cancer, making it an essential part of daily skincare routines.

20. Cold Plunges & Saunas

Cold plunges and saunas are recognized for their therapeutic benefits, such as aiding in recovery, reducing inflammation, and improving mental health. There are several Truemed stores that accept HSA/FSA funds that carry cold plunges and home saunas. 

21. Light Therapy

Light therapy, a treatment involving exposure to specific wavelengths of light, is used for various health conditions, including seasonal affective disorder and certain skin issues. This non-invasive therapy can improve mood, enhance sleep quality, and promote skin health.

LED Technologies specializes in innovative LED light therapy products, designed for both skincare and pain relief. Utilizing state-of-the-art light technology, their products target a variety of concerns, from aging and acne-prone skin to muscle aches and joint pain, offering non-invasive treatment options for health and wellness.

22. Pain Relief

Pain relief encompasses various treatments and products aimed at managing and reducing pain. From over-the-counter medications and topical creams to therapeutic devices such as light therapy mentioned above, these solutions address different types of pain, improving quality of life and functionality.

23. Alternative Therapies

Certain alternative therapies may be covered if deemed medically necessary. This includes chiropractic care, acupuncture, and sometimes even massage therapy if prescribed by a physician.

Online Stores That Accept HSA/FSA Cards

In the digital age, the convenience of online shopping extends to the use of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). A growing number of online retailers are catering to HSA/FSA holders, offering a wide array of eligible products with the ease of online transactions. From specialized medical equipment to everyday health and wellness items, these online stores provide a seamless shopping experience, allowing you to directly utilize your HSA or FSA funds. Below, we’ve highlighted some key online destinations where you can shop for eligible products, ensuring that you fully leverage the benefits of your healthcare accounts with the convenience of online shopping.

1-800 Contacts1800contacts.comContact lenses
Aeroflowaeroflowbreastpumps.comBreast Pumps
Alignercoalignerco.comInvisible teeth straightening aligners
Amazon FSA | HSA Storeamazon.comClick link for eligible items.
Bytebyte.comClear teeth aligners
Cefalycefaly.comMigraine headache device
CVS HSA/FSA Eligiblecvs.comClick link for eligible items.
Contacts Directcontactsdirect.comContact lenses
Diabetes Storesdiabetesstore.comDiabetic testing supplies
DIFF Eyeweardiffeyewear.comCharitable eyewear
Dr. Comfortdrcomfort.comTherapeutic shoes
Dr. Scholl'sdrscholls.comFoot care
FitMyFootfitmyfoot.comMedical Grade Orthotics
FSA Storefsastore.comEverything they sell is eligible.
Galesweargales.comHealthcare approved footwear
Glasses Shopglassesshop.comEyewear
HDIShdis.comIncontinence Supplies & Bladder Control Products
Health Products For Youhealthproductsforyou.comMedical supplies and equipment
Hero Cosmeticsherocosmetics.usAcne solutions
LED Technologiesledtechnologies.comLight therapy
Liingo Eyewearliingoeyewear.comEyewear
Mayo Clinic Dietmayoclinic.orgWeight loss solutions
Medical Supply Depotmedicalsupplydepot.comHome healthcare supplies
Nanitnanit.comSmart baby monitors
NewSmilenewsmilelife.comClear teeth aligners
Owletowletcare.comBaby sleep monitors
Remishopremi.comCustom night guards
Rite Aidriteaid.comHealth & beauty aids
SA Alignerssaaligners.comClear teeth aligners
Sleep Numbersleepnumber.comSmart bed or DualTemp layer
Sleep8mysleep8.comCPAP machines
Smart Buy Glassessmartbuyglasses.comEyewear
Smart Norasmartnora.comAnti-snoring solution
Target FSA & HSA Shoptarget.comClick link for eligible items.
Walgreens FSA HSAwalgreens.comClick link for eligible items.
Walmart FSA & HSA Shopwalmart.comClick link for eligible items.
Willowonewillow.comBreast Pumps

HSA/FSA Eligible Expenses Conclusion

HSAs and FSAs offer a wide range of possibilities beyond traditional medical expenses. By understanding the full scope of eligible expenses, you can maximize the use of your funds and ensure that your healthcare dollars are working hard for you. Always check with your plan administrator for specific eligibility details and keep abreast of changes to the rules governing these accounts.

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Hidden Healthcare Benefits: Surprising HSA/FSA Eligible Expenses

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