donating bodily fluids for cash

7 Bodily Fluids You Can Sell For Cash


Looking to make some extra cash? Have you ever thought about selling your bodily fluids? It may sound strange, but it’s a legitimate way to make money. In this article, we will teach you how to sell your bodily fluids for cash. We will cover everything from plasma donation to sperm donation. And before you ask, selling your bodily fluids is perfectly legal.

Bodily Fluids You Can Sell For Cash

If you’re thinking about selling your bodily fluids, the first thing you need to do is decide which fluid you want to sell. Do you want to sell your plasma? Your sperm? Your urine? Once you’ve decided which fluid you want to sell, the next step is to find a reputable place to donate.

1. Breast Milk – Earn $2 per ounce

Breast milk is a hot commodity these days, especially when there is a baby formula shortage. Some mothers cannot breastfeed themselves or do not produce enough milk so are looking for more breastmilk for their babies. And it’s not just parents buying breast milk for their babies; some people actually have a fetish for breast milk called lactophilia.

Sell Your Breast milk For Cash

If you overproduce breast milk or are done breastfeeding your infant, you can sell your breast milk to a local milk bank or online via a discreet classified system such as Only The Breast. The process is simple, you just need to express your milk and then package and ship it to the buyer. You will be paid per ounce of milk that you sell which usually ranges between $1 and $3.

2. Plasma – Earn $400/month

Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood that contains white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. Plasma makes up 55% of human blood. Plasma is used in a variety of medical treatments, including treating burns, shock, rabies, tetanus, hemophilia, and/or cancer.

If you’re looking to make some extra money and don’t mind needles, then donating plasma is a great option for you as you’ll be paid for your time and effort.

The process for donating plasma is pretty simple. First, you’ll need to find a local plasma center or blood bank. Once you’ve found a center, you’ll need to make an appointment and go in for a screening. The screening will determine if you’re eligible to donate plasma. If you are, then the next step is to actually donate.

make $1000/mo donating plasma

The process of donating plasma is similar to giving blood. A needle is inserted into your arm and the plasma is collected. The whole process takes about an hour.

There are some risks associated with donating plasma, such as bruising, soreness, and infection. However, these risks are rare and the process is generally safe.

CSL Plasma pays eligible, qualified new donors up to $1000 their first month, but the nationwide average payout is $400 per month. U.S. FDA regulations state that the maximum frequency of donation is once in a two-day period and no more than twice in a seven-day period.

3. Sperm – Earn $1500/month

Selling sperm is a bit more involved than selling plasma, but it can be very lucrative. If you are a healthy male, you can donate sperm to help people start a family. There are several sperm donor programs around the country. Here are the reputable ones that we’ve found and their service locations:

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You’re already doing it, so why not get paid for it? Jerks wanted…

make $1,500/mo donating sperm

Men may have to undergo health and genetic screening (free to them) before donating. Some sperm banks may also have other requirements (or pay a higher rate) for stricter standards such as being a college graduate. But if you qualify, the job is pretty easy, if not satisfying.

Joke of the day: If you were a doorman at a sperm bank, would you shake everyone’s hand and thank them for coming?

4. Eggs – Earn $10,000/time

Egg donation is similar to sperm donation, as it serves the same purpose of helping grown families, but it’s more complicated, intrusive, and time-consuming (and not near as much fun). But that being said, it also pays more for the egg donor’s time and effort.  There are some qualifications to becoming an egg donor:

  • Between the ages of 21 and 31
  • Physically healthy
  • Have a BMI (body mass index) between 19-29
  • Non-Smoker
  • Have regular, monthly menstrual periods
  • Not using Depo-Provera injections, Mirena IUD’s or implants as a form of birth control (other forms of birth control are fine, including tubal ligation)
  • Have both ovaries
  • Willing to take injections
  • No current use of psychoactive drugs
  • No history of substance abuse
  • No family history of inheritable genetic disorders
  • Psychologically healthy
  • Dependable, mature, willing, and able to keep appointments

For more information about egg donation and to apply to be an egg donor, visit Lucina Egg Bank

make $10,000 donating eggs

Since most egg donor banks will pay for travel expenses and stipends, a woman can live anywhere and be eligible. Here are five egg donation agencies for consideration:

  1. Circle Surrogacy
  2. Egg Bank America
  3. Egg Donation, Inc.
  4. Growing Generations
  5. My Egg Bank

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine established that a woman can donate eggs up to six times in her lifetime. The limit is intended to protect the woman’s health.

5. Bone Marrow – Earn $300/time

Bone marrow is the spongy tissue that fills the cavities of your bones. It produces red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. You can help save a life by donating your bone marrow to leukemia and lymphoma patients. And besides all the warm fuzzies that provide, it also pays about $300 per bone marrow donation.

Unfortunately, in order to donate, you must be the right genetic match among the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), so there’s actually only about a 1-in-540 chance that you’ll actually get picked.

donate bone marrow for cash

Here are some of the bone marrow organizations that will pay you. They usually compensate you for time and travel and may even reimburse lost wages:

If you are a bone marrow match, you will have a surgical procedure done in an operating room, but you will be given general anesthesia so you’ll be asleep the whole time. The procedure does not require any stitches and is outpatient (meaning you can leave the same day and don’t need to spend the night).

  • If you do travel to Seattle to donate bone marrow, you might as well do some touristy stuff while there. Check out this Seattle 4 day itinerary.

6. Poop – Earn $1500/month

Someone will actually pay you to take a dump! Stool donation programs collect stools from healthy individuals and use the microbes in the stool for research to develop new treatments and cures for serious medical conditions, such as C. difficile, chronic hepatitis B, and other gastrointestinal diseases.

poop for profit

Most programs pay $40-$50 per collection and let you donate 3-5 times per week after passing their health screenings. The only drawback to most is that you must live relatively close to a collection center, although you may be able to collect and ship for some. Here are the ones that we know of and the areas they service:

7. Urine – Earn $20 per ounce

Apparently, pee is more precious than breastmilk when it comes to the price per ounce paid! There is a huge market for urine because it can be used to detect drugs, in pregnancy tests, and even in some medical treatments. Therefore, “clean urine” and “pregnant urine” is the most sought after. And keep in mind that the person buying these types of urine is usually not ethical.

pee for profit

Some companies will purchase your urine, but you’ll have better luck selling it on classified ad sites such as Craigslist. The going rate is about $20 per ounce. In some states, it is illegal to sell your urine, so please check your local laws before trying to pawn off your pee.

Bonus: Hair – Earn $300/haircut

Hair isn’t exactly a bodily fluid so it does warrant a number on the list, but it is something that your body produces. And you can sell it!

Sell Your Hair For Up To $4000

HairSellon is a marketplace for buying and selling. The current highest priced listing is $4000, but the average listing price is $300. Use their hair price calculator to see how much your hair is worth. You can also sell human hair on eBay.

The amount of money you can make depends on the length, color, thickness and quality of your hair. Price are higher for “virgin hair”. Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically treated, dyed or heat styled.

Get Paid For Clinical Trials

You can also get paid to participate in clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies that test new drugs or treatments. They usually last for a few weeks or months, and you can be compensated for your time and participation. To find clinical trials near you, check out which is a database of public and private funded clinical studies around the world.


As you can see, there are many ways to make money by selling your bodily fluids! So if you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, consider donating plasma, sperm, eggs, or urine. You could even start a new career! Thanks for reading, and we hope this article has been helpful. Good luck!