Understanding Your Working Preferences

Understanding Your Working Preferences


As time goes on, different modes of employment are coming to light, with different options being possible concerning the times that you work, where you work, how you work, and what you do. With this new variety of options, you’re no longer stuck with the typical full-time schedule, though that is also an option, if you feel as though it suits your lifestyle. This is to say, the ability to customize your own working life can help you to achieve a balance between that and your personal life that you find much more ideal.

Understanding your preferences is the first step here, as once you recognize what you do and don’t like in a working environment, you can begin to filter accordingly.

As and When

Part of what your ‘ideal working conditions’ might look like for you could pertain to the hours. It might be that you don’t like the idea of having to work the same hours again and again, particularly if it takes up a majority of your time – instead, wanting to be able to customize your career around your personal life. This approach is going to limit your options to a certain extent, but candidates such as shipping work will still be available, and you can browse for the right loads to ensure that the work you take on can suit your needs and preferences.

The Great Outdoors

Alternatively, it might not be the hours that bother you so much as the conditions. Knowing that you have to work for the majority of your week is one thing, but having to do that within an environment like an office that you simply don’t get any enjoyment out of at all? That might be the final straw. Instead, then, it might do you some good to look into careers that prioritize the outdoors as the primary location of work.

This might mean that you end up working in conservation, perhaps in landscaping, or even in careers such as becoming a ranger. There is a myriad of examples of jobs that primarily take place outside, and being aware of that might be the first step in shifting your ambitions to align with this newfound goal.

The Comfort of Your Own Home

Within the same concern of location, but on the other end of the spectrum, you might feel as though you’d be happier in your working life if you could operate from your own home. Fortunately, after the coronavirus pandemic, the option of working from home is something that more businesses are considering than others. Some offer flexible working as an option for a job that still at least partly takes place in an office, but other lines of work are shifting their focus entirely to allow employees to work from home the entire time.

The extent to which this suits you will depend on your preferences concerning things like socializing, but understanding where you fall on that spectrum can tell you exactly what to look out for in your future job hunts.