Social Networks Destroy The Metaverse

Could The Use Of Social Networks Destroy The Metaverse?


The metaverse is the virtual world that is beyond physical reality. It is a space where people’s lives, relationships, and communication methods occur.

Social networks have had a significant impact in this area since they allow the creation of a virtual social network beyond direct contact between individuals and human groups.

Technology allows people to interact with thousands or millions of users through digital platforms such as Facebook or Twitter without the need to be physically present in the same place or have direct contact with them (for example: publishing a post on Twitter).

This facility has generated addictions and problems for many users, who lose control over their lives due to the emotional dependence that social networks develop in them. You can get more details at the official website.

The metaverse is a virtual world that is constantly growing and evolving. It is a space where people can interact, create and communicate with each other, and social networks play a crucial role in this interaction. However, the excessive use of social networks can have negative consequences in users’ lives, and this also extends to the metaverse.

This article will explore some of the risks facing the metaverse due to social media addiction, privacy erosion, information manipulation, political polarization, and the impact on the metaverse economy.

It’s essential to understand how these issues can affect our experience in the metaverse and take steps to avoid the dangers they pose. 

Social networks addiction

The addiction to social networks is called Cyberdependence. It is an addictive behavior that can occur in people of different ages and socioeconomic conditions. The factors that contribute to this addiction are:

  • Lack of control over the use of the device (for example, the mobile phone)
  • The feeling of belonging and the need to be constantly connected to be informed or because you don’t feel well without having access to the internet
  • The desire to gain social recognition and popularity on social networks (share content)

Erosion of Privacy in the Metaverse

Social networks have contributed to the erosion of privacy since using these platforms is a form of communication in which personal information is shared and personal data and behaviors can be collected.

When someone posts a photo on Instagram with their first and last name, other users can access this image to see who the author is (and maybe their contacts).

In this way, if you want to protect your identity or maintain your privacy online, it would be best not to use social networks and thus avoid the dangers they imply.

The negative consequences of the excessive use of social networks are multiple: brain injuries due to Internet abuse; emotional problems such as anxiety or depression; online gambling addiction; and physical damage (for example, when driving while we look at our Smartphone); among many more.

Information manipulation

The manipulation of information is a practice used to influence the results of a process, be it political or economic. This practice is not new and has been used for a long time. However, today’s technology allows agents to use these techniques more easily and quickly.

The main actors involved in the metaverse are users, companies, and governments (which can be private or public entities). Each actor has different interests and objectives, from generating income to controlling information circulating through social networks.

As a direct consequence of this competition for control of the metaverse, an armed conflict could be generated between countries or economic regions whose interests do not coincide with those of the State in question; In addition, there is a real danger of manipulating public opinion by spreading falsehoods on sensitive issues such as migration, international terrorism, etc.


The metaverse is an exciting and constantly evolving virtual world that offers many opportunities. However, exercising caution and recognizing the dangers we face when interacting in this space is essential.

Addiction to social networks, erosion of privacy, manipulation of information, political polarization, and the impact on the metaverse economy are just some of the risks we must consider.

As users of the metaverse, we must educate ourselves about these dangers and take steps to protect ourselves and our personal information.

By doing so, we can enjoy all the metaverse offers without unnecessary worry.

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