Better Homes & Gardens Curtains on clearance at Walmart for $6 minus $6 Rebate = FREE

Free Better Homes & Gardens Magazine or BHG $6 Rebate Offer


Shopping at Walmart just got more rewarding for home improvement enthusiasts and decor mavens alike (as well as bargain hunters)! A special promotion offers a free one-year subscription to Better Homes & Gardens (BHG) magazine as a complimentary gift (or a $6 BHG rebate) with a qualifying  purchase. This promotion has apparently been going on for over a decade now!

Better Homes & Gardens Qualifying Items

What catches the eye as a “qualifying purchase” might you ask? Whether it’s a new set of embossed luxury microfiber sheets for your bedroom or new curtains to add a dash of drama to your living room, Walmart’s range of home goods that participate in this offer is vast. People have also spotted the offer on kitchen items, storage containers and accent furniture as well!

Better Homes & Gardens Free Magazine or $6 Rebate Offer

Look for BHG items at your local Walmart store that mention the free magazine subscription offer. Some items display it prominently on the front of the item while others has it on the back of the box in the lower right hand corner, as shown above on the back of curtain panels. 

The actual postcard form is folded up inside of the item presumably so it is not easy for people to swipe and steal them out of packages at the store. 

Where To Find BHG Rebate Items

While you can find Better Homes & Garden merchandise throughout the Home section of Walmart stores, be sure to look at the Walmart clearance section for items marked down. If you can find items for $6 or less, the item is essentially free after rebate (like the curtains shown above in the featured image)!

You may also find BHG rebate items at Walmart liquidation stores and/or Walmart bin stores, but keep in mind that the receipts from liquidation stores and bin stores will not qualify for the $6 rebate. But you could still get the free magazine subscription. I love to use magazines to create vision boards!

Free Magazine or $6 Rebate? You Decide

If you would like to receive the free magazine subscription, fill out the online form at (have your Walmart receipt handy) or fill out your name, mailing address and email address on the pre-paid postcard and mail it in. 

If your magazine rack is overflowing, or your digital library is at capacity, you can opt for a $6 refund check instead. 

bhg $6 rebate form

The process to claim this rebate is straightforward. Fill out the provided card, inscribe the word “refund,” and mail it to the address specified by BHG. Keep the clock in mind, as requests must be postmarked within 30 days of purchase to qualify for the refund, ensuring a prompt perk for your promptness.

The fine print on the form says:

If you do not wish to receive a one-year subscription to Better Homes & Garden (valued at $6.00) as part of your qualifying purchase, please fill out this card, write “refund” and mail to BHG Refund, PO Box 37815, Boone, IA 50037-2815.

Other fine print rules include:

  • Refund request must be received within 30 days of purchase.
  • Send in original card and original receipt to be eligible.
  • Limit one refund per receipt.
  • Offer available to US residents only.
  • Customer service email:

According to I Dream of Fire, you can send in multiple rebates with copies of receipts in one envelope to receive one bigger rebate check. But since that blog post is from 2018, I have personally emailed asking about limit of refunds per person per timeframe, and if that number is more than one, can they be submitted in the same envelope? See below for answer.

The image shows an email response from the Meredith partner customer service team addressed to a subscriber named Kim. The email informs the subscriber about the refund process for their subscription and includes a note that a BHG

Update! I had emailed and asked this question:

If I buy multiple items with the $6 rebate offer, do I need to have separate receipts for each item/form? Or can they all be on one receipt? Please let me know. 

And this was their response:

Please note that refund requests for your bonus subscription must be submitted within 30 days of purchase. Limit 1 refund annually per household.

I have also asked if BHG purchases made on will qualify for the offer, and if so, is there a way to tell which items on the website qualify? So far, I’ve received three different responses, and none of them answer the question! They are all canned responses to other frequently asked questions. I’ll update this post when/if I receive a legitimate (real) response. 

Better Homes & Garden $6 Rebate Check

Above is a photo of the actual $6 rebate check that I received for my BHG rebate submission. It took approximately four weeks to arrive which, in my opinion, is quite quick to receive a refund. 


This Walmart and BHG collaboration is more than just a sale; it’s a synergy between savings and style. For those looking to add a touch of BHG to their home, it’s an opportunity wrapped in the glossy pages of a magazine – or the crispness of a $6 bill (if they made such a thing).

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