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Lease To Own With Katapult Stores- No Credit Necessary


If you’ve ever been denied a loan or credit card because of a lack of credit history, then you know how frustrating it can be to try and get the things you need. Fortunately, Katapult has lease purchase plans that are designed to help people with no credit get the goods and services they need without having to worry about their credit score. Let’s explore how these leasing plans work and what makes them beneficial for those without access to traditional forms of credit.

What Is Katapult Financing?

Katapult offers customers the ability to lease items through various online marketplaces. Customers can choose from a variety of goods, including furniture, electronics, mattresses, and more. Katapult offers flexible payment options so that customers can find a plan that works for their budget. Plus, there is no credit check required! This means that even those who have had difficulty getting approved for loans or credit cards in the past can still get access to the items they need.

How Does Katapult Lease To Own Work?

Purchase leased items within 90 days to save the most. Icon After 90 days, keep paying or purchase leased items. Icon Purchase leased items at the end of your lease term. (And if you change your mind, return items anytime without obligation.)

  • Purchase leased items within 90 days to save the most.
  • After 90 days, keep paying or purchase leased items. 
  • Purchase leased items at the end of your lease term.
  • And if you change your mind, return items anytime without obligation.

Benefits Of Leasing Through Katapult

Leasing through Katapult comes with several benefits compared to traditional methods of acquiring goods and services. For one thing, customers don’t have to pay full price up front; instead, they can spread out their payments over time until their item is paid off completely. Additionally, since there is no credit check required, customers don’t have to worry about being denied based on their past financial history or lack thereof. 

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What Stores Accept Katapult?

Katapult works with several popular retailers, including Lenovo, Sears, Wayfair, and more. Katapult also offers a variety of payment options, including monthly payments, bi-weekly payments, and more. Katapult is a great way to get the things you need without having to worry about having a perfect credit score or being denied for traditional loans and credit cards.

Katapult Stores List

We’ve gathered the most comprehensive list of stores that offer Katapult, so you can shop for mattresses, furniture, electronics and tires without worrying about your credit score. These are the best places to start your search for competitive leasing options. If you do not see the option to finance with Katapult at checkout, you may need to download Katapult Pay (see more about this below this list). 

Katapult Pay

You can shop at even more stores with Katapult Pay, their one-time use virtual card, available both in their mobile app and as a downloadable Chrome browser extension. As they keep expanding their network of retail partners within the Katapult Pay marketplace, you’ll discover an increasing array of shopping options to fulfill your needs.

Katapult FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about this particular buy now pay later option

Is Katapult available in all states?

No, Katapult is only available in select states. Katapult is not currently available in Minnesota, New Jersey, Wisconsin, or Wyoming.

Does Katapult affect your credit?

No, Katapult does not affect your credit score. They are a lease purchase plan that does not require a credit check and therefore has no effect on your credit score.

Does Katapult require down payment?

No, they do not require any down payment. 

Is Katapult the same as Affirm?

No, they are two different companies with different payment plans. Katapult offers leasing options with no credit check required, whereas Affirm offers short-term loans that require a credit check. Click here to learn more about Affirm. 


 Katapult is an excellent option for those with no credit or bad credit who are looking to access the items they need without worrying about their credit score. They offer a variety of stores and payment plans to make it easier for customers to find something that works for them. Customers can take advantage of flexible payment plans to get the items they need without breaking their budget.

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