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Nike Store Shopping Hacks: 25 Insider Tips


Shopping at a Nike store isn’t just about grabbing your favorite gear—it’s about making savvy moves to get the best deals and perks. Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or a newbie to the Nike scene, these insider tips will elevate your shopping game and ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

25 Tips To Save Money At Nike Stores

Here are 25 expert tips to help you score big savings and unlock exclusive discounts while shopping at Nike stores.

1. Join Nike Membership

Start off on the right foot by signing up for Nike Membership—it’s completely free and unlocks a treasure trove of benefits. Members receive exclusive coupons, like the coveted 30% off Friends and Family discount, along with complimentary shipping on every online order. To sign up go to Nike.com and click on “Become a Member” at the bottom of the page. 

2. Scour the Back Wall

Want the hottest deals? Head straight to the back wall of the store where you’ll often find the best bargains waiting for you.

Rows of Nike sneakers displayed on shelves in a shoe store with stacks of shoeboxes lining the wall.

3. Crack the Price Code

Decode Nike’s pricing system to your advantage. Items ending in 7 are usually clearance priced, while those ending in 9 signify factory prices. If you spot a price ending in 0, it’s full retail.

4. Spot Clearance Tags

Keep your eyes peeled for clearance tags. Orange or red tags denote clearance prices set by the store manager, while green tags indicate markdowns directed by Nike corporate.

5. Ask for Inventory Help

Can’t find your size? Don’t fret. Ask a friendly employee for assistance—they can check the store’s inventory right from their handheld device and see if your size is hiding in the back.

6. Shoe Fitting Solution

If you want to try on shoes and aren’t wearing any socks, Nike will provide nice socks to use for trying on. They aren’t the thin nylon socks that some shoe stores provide either!

7. Hunt for Returns

Score even more deals by checking out the dressing room racks and behind the customer service counter for returns. Remember, Nike, Converse, and Hurley items can be returned at any Nike store.

8. Negotiate Flaws

Noticed a scuff on a shoe or a flaw on an item? Don’t be shy—ask a sales associate if they’ll offer a discount. Often times, they will give you 20% off.

9. Box Preferences

Prefer your shoes in an intact box? Just ask! Sales associates can help you find a pair with the original packaging. If you a reseller, your resale price is higher with an intact box. 

10. Discounted Gift Cards

Stretch your budget by purchasing discounted Nike gift cards from reputable sites like CardCash or Raise.com. Save an average of 7% off the full value and don’t forget—Converse gift cards work at Nike stores too!

11. Transfer Shipments

Stay in the know about your local Nike Factory or Clearance store’s shipment schedule. Transfer shipments, packed with top-notch products, usually arrive biweekly. Ask the manager or a sales associate what days their transfer shipments usually arrive. 

12. Military Discounts

Attention, veterans and active military members! Enjoy an extra 10% off at Nike stores (and online) as a token of appreciation for your service.

13. First Responder Discount

As a first responder, you’re entitled to exclusive savings at Nike stores. Present your credentials to enjoy your first responder discounts on Nike merchandise. 

14. Education Discount

Take advantage of education discounts when shopping at Nike stores. Teachers and students alike receive a 10% off education discount in stores and online. 

15. Price Adjustment Policy

Don’t kick yourself if you see a price drop after you’ve made a purchase. Bring your receipt into the store within 14 days and request a price adjustment.

16. Generous Return Window

Changed your mind about a purchase? No problem. You have up to 60 days to return or exchange items, even if the item has been worn or washed, as long as you have your original receipt.

Maximize your style and savings: 25 insider tips for Nike store shopping to save on gear.

17. Follow Nike on Social Media

Stay updated on the latest promotions, flash sales, and exclusive offers by following Nike’s official social media accounts on X (formerly known as Twitter), Facebook, YouTube and/or Instagram. You might snag a deal or two that’s only advertised online.

18. Check for In-Store Events

Keep an eye out for in-store events such as athlete appearances, product demonstrations, or special promotions. These events often come with extra perks or discounts for attendees.

21. Utilize Nike’s Personalization Services

Many Nike stores offer customization services where you can personalize your gear with your name, favorite athlete’s number, or custom design. It’s a great way to add a unique touch to your purchase.

22. Explore the Nike App

Download the Nike app to your smartphone for easy access to exclusive app-only offers, personalized recommendations, and streamlined shopping experiences. You can also use the app to track your Nike orders and access member-exclusive benefits.

23. Keep an Eye Out for Seasonal Sales

Take advantage of seasonal sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or end-of-season clearance sales to score significant discounts on Nike merchandise. Plan your shopping accordingly to maximize savings.

24. Join Nike Run Clubs or Training Sessions

Some Nike stores host free community run clubs or training sessions led by experienced coaches. Participating in these events not only helps you stay active but also connects you with fellow Nike enthusiasts and provides opportunities for exclusive discounts or giveaways.

25. Consider Outlet Shopping

If you’re looking for even deeper discounts, consider visiting Nike outlet stores or clearance centers. These locations often offer last-season or overstocked items at heavily discounted prices.

Bonus: Discover Liquidation Stores

Don’t overlook liquidation stores near you for discounted Nike finds. These spots offer overstocked or discontinued items at slashed prices. Hunt for bargains and explore a variety of merchandise, but always check for authenticity and return policies. 

Armed with these insider tips, you’re ready to conquer the Nike store like a pro. Happy shopping!

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