Lucky Girl Syndrome

Symptoms and Causes of Lucky Girl Syndrome


People have called me “lucky” when my efforts bear fruit. But is it really luck? Or just hard work and determination? I never considered the term “lucky” to be a compliment until today. I just saw a segment on the TODAY Show talking about Lucky Girl Syndrome

Lucky Girl Syndrome is a term used to describe the idea that luck is something that we can manifest in our lives. We all know the saying, “You make your own luck,” and some people take this concept to another level. By understanding how Lucky Girl Syndrome works and how it can be used for manifesting, you can learn how to create your own luck.

I am a big believer in the law of attraction using an online vision board, scripting manifestation, and the law of polarity. So maybe I should be diagnosed with Lucky Girl Syndrome after all.  

What Is Lucky Girl Syndrome?

Lucky Girl Syndrome is a term coined by influencer Laura Galebe. It is based on the idea that luck is something we can control and manifest in our lives if we follow certain steps. Lucky Girl Syndrome involves taking ownership of your life and destiny by actively seeking out what makes you happy and living with intention. This means making choices that will lead you towards your desired outcome while being aware of the power of choice itself.

How Does It Work With Manifesting?

The idea behind manifesting is that if you focus your thoughts and energy on something long enough, you will eventually attract what you desire into your life. The same concept can be applied to Lucky Girl Syndrome – if you have an innate sense of luck or fortune, you can use this to help manifest your goals and desires. By believing in yourself and focusing on positive outcomes, you can increase your chances for success even further.

According to Galebe, ever since she adopted the mantra “I am so lucky” for herself, remarkable chances have begun revealing themselves out of nowhere. She’s now one of the luckiest people around and experiences “insane opportunities” that are too good to pass up!

Symptoms and Causes of Lucky Girl Syndrome


At the end of the day, whether or not you believe in Lucky Girl Syndrome doesn’t really matter – what matters is that you believe in yourself and have faith that anything is possible. If you focus on positive outcomes and take action towards achieving your goals, then there’s no telling where your luck may take you! So don’t be afraid to dream big – with hard work, dedication, and a bit of luck (or Lady Luck), anything is possible!

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