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Taking Advantage of Sportsbook Bonuses to Save and Earn More


If you’re wondering how you can turn a sports betting bonuses into real cash, you’re not alone. Many bettors spend most of their weekends hunting the best football and basketball bonuses.

Some of them get lucky and win real money. Others fail to convert their free bets into cash. In this article, we’ll help you select the best sports betting bonuses. And we’ll guide you on how to use these free bets to maximize your winnings. Let’s get started.

Learn How to Select Quality Bonuses

Sports betting bonuses are genuine rewards from sportsbooks. Almost every online bookmaker entices new customers with free bets. Unfortunately, betting bonuses come with strings attached.

You need to create an account or make a deposit to earn a free bet. Also, you must follow certain rules if you want to convert your sportsbook bonus into withdrawable cash. These rules are what determine whether a bonus is worth your time or not.

One of the most important bonus terms is called the rollover, play-through, or wager requirements. It requires you to rollover your free bet 2x to 20x before you can withdraw your bonus profits.

Logically, you should find bonuses with a low rollover. It’s the best way to turn a bonus into cash. Also, find bonuses with a high withdrawal limit, enough validity time, and fair odds requirements.

Each sportsbook determines the games you can bet on using a bonus. In most cases, bookies choose competitive matches for you. You must bet on a game with over 1.80 or +200 odds.

Sometimes you must also bet on a specific sport or competition. Maybe a site is giving out Champions League bonuses. In that case, you need to bet on a UCL match. 

Select Bonuses from Trustworthy Sportsbooks

Now that most sportsbooks give out bonuses, it seems like all free bets are created equal. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As already mentioned, bonuses have rules. And only the best sportsbooks give out fair terms.

Against that backdrop, choose bonuses from top-rated betting sites. Find licensed betting sites in your country. Then find out if they have fair welcome promotions. While in the process, also look at a site’s standout features.

Check a bookie’s games, leagues, and bet types. Then look at its odds for various games and compare these odds with other sites. Look at the supported payment methods, payout speeds, mobile app, and live streaming features.

The goal is to find a top-notch sportsbook with fair, recurring bonuses. You want a site you can rely on when it comes to quality odds, fast payouts, and fair bonuses. 

Sharpen Your Sports Betting Skills

If you want to maximize your profits through sportsbook bonuses, become a good bettor. Being a good bettor takes time and practice. But it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Learn what to consider while placing sports bets. Pro tip: focus on becoming good at betting on one sport. If you love football, make it your primary focus. Then select one or two football leagues with regular competitions.

Learn the players, teams, coaches, and their records. Pay attention to the top-performing players and teams. Then use your knowledge to pick winning bets. Importantly, use bonuses to place your bets.

The best part about using bonuses is that they cushion your losses. If you don’t win, you will still have money in your betting account. If you win, your profits increase.

Find and Use Quality Odds

You might not bet the most experienced sports bettors out there. But if you know how to find bets with quality odds, you can easily make profits in the betting game. 

You see, most people tend to bet on the most popular team or athlete. Yet, favorites don’t always win. Sometimes an underdog can win. Your goal is to find bets where the underdog has a decent chance of winning.

Let’s say you want to bet on a Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool. Both are archrivals. However, United are struggling in the bottom half. Due to this, Liverpool is favored to win.

After some research, you might discover that Liverpool have been conceding at least one goal in the past 10 matches. On the other hand, United have scored in each of their past five games.

You could place a ‘Both Teams to Score’ bet. Or, you could pick an OV1.5 bet now that data shows these bets have a high chance of happening. 

Try Matched Betting

Matched betting is one of the best ways to turn a bonus into cash. Here’s why. It allows you to bet on sports in a way that ensures you don’t lose. How does it work? Glad you asked.

Matched betting requires at least two sportsbooks. First, claim a bonus at your favorite betting site. Place a bet, say the NBA Lakers to beat the Miami Heat in a game.

Next, look for the same bet at a sportsbook exchange. We’re talking about a site that supports back-and-lay betting. Make a deposit and place a lay bet. A lay bet is a wager on a team NOT to win. Following our example, it’s a bet on the Lakers not to beat Miami. 

If the Lakers win, you’ll claim your money at Sportsbook A. If it fails to win, you will make your money at Sportsbook B. How do you make a profit if you use a deposit-based bonus? Repeat the initial process. 

Go to your original sportsbook and place a second bet. Then visit the betting exchange and pick a lay bet. Regardless of a game’s outcome, you’ll come out with a profit.

Your Turn

Turning a sportsbook bonus into cash is easier said than done. For starters, you need a free bet with fair terms. Secondly, it should be from a trustworthy sportsbook. That way, there’s a good chance you’ll find favorable odds to place your bet.

Another requirement for turning a bonus into winnings is knowledge of sports betting. So, learn how to find competitive matches with quality odds. Then spend your time analyzing these games to increase your odds of winning.

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