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Easy Ways to Make Money by Decluttering Your Home


Our homes, over time, become warehouses of items – clothes we no longer wear, books we’ve finished reading, and furniture that’s gone out of style. Parting with our belongings may be hard, but there’s a silver lining. With the right mindset and methods, these objects can be transformed into extra cash. To help you do this, we asked an expert from a reputable personal finance blog for help, and we’ve gathered eight tips to make money by decluttering your home.

Your Clutter, Someone’s Treasure: Make Money by Decluttering Your Home

In the corners of our homes, in the back of our closets, and on our crowded bookshelves, we accumulate a multitude of things. These items once served a purpose or held a cherished memory, but over time, they’ve become merely clutter. However, the mere thought of decluttering may seem overwhelming, particularly when emotions and memories are tied to these objects.

Woman sitting between the pile of boxes and working on her laptop
Though often dreaded, decluttering offers a beneficial opportunity to purge our homes of the superfluous and reorganize our living spaces.

Yet, what if the decluttering process could go beyond creating a clean and organized home? What if it could also pave the way for a rewarding financial endeavor? Imagine turning your unused items into an unexpected source of income, not only creating more space in your home but also adding a bit of padding to your wallet. This is not a distant dream but a practical reality. Today, we’ll show you that your clutter can be another person’s treasure. 

1. Trade Clutter for Cash on Online Marketplaces

In the digital age, your potential customers are just a click away. Websites like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace act as global storefronts for your second-hand items. You also can try selling your clothes on Poshmark.

The key to successful sales on these platforms lies in your presentation. Capture your product from multiple angles with high-quality photographs, and write a detailed description outlining its features and condition. Also, do a bit of research to understand market prices for similar items. This will help you competitively price your items and boost your chances of making a sale.

2. Unearth Treasures for Thrift Stores

Thrift stores and consignment shops are perfect venues for items that are still usable but perhaps don’t hold enough value for individual sales online. This is particularly true for clothing, household goods, and furniture. What’s more, these shops handle the sales process for you, meaning less hassle. However, they do take a percentage of the sale price, so ensure you’re comfortable with the terms before consigning your items.

3. Profit from Specialty Resale Shops

Do you have a stash of designer clothes, first-edition books, or collectible items? Specialty resale shops are your best bet for these niche items. These outlets have knowledgeable staff who can appraise your items accurately and offer a fair price. Even if these items have been gathering dust in your home, they might turn out to be hidden treasures in the resale world.

4. Organize a Profitable Yard Sale

The charm of a yard sale lies in its simplicity, and it’s an ideal way to sell some of your items. So whether you’re organizing a yard sale before moving to a new house or you’re simply trying to purge your home of extra items, you’ll get a chance to declutter your space while engaging with your community.

People buying records on a yard sale
Hosting a yard sale provides an excellent, community-based approach and a simple way to make money by decluttering your home.

Preparation is crucial here. Arrange your items attractively, clearly mark prices, and consider having a small change on hand. Friendly interactions with your customers and willingness to haggle can transform your yard sale from a neighborhood event into a lucrative venture. 

5. Turn Spare Space into Steady Income

Following a successful decluttering spree, you might find yourself with spare space – an empty room or unused storage area. Why not turn this space into a passive income stream? Platforms like Airbnb offer opportunities to rent out rooms or even your entire home. Alternatively, you can use services like Store at My House to rent your storage space to those needing extra room.

6. Swap Items on Trade and Barter Platforms

Sometimes, money isn’t the only valuable return from decluttering. Websites like Vinted, BookMooch, or Swap.com allow you to trade your items for something else. This could be an excellent way to replace an item you don’t use with something you need, all while keeping your space clutter-free. It’s a win-win situation!

7. Creatively Cash-In on Crafts

If you’re artistically inclined, some of your clutter can be transformed into attractive crafts. Upcycle old furniture or repurpose random materials into artwork. Etsy provides a platform for selling these handmade items. However, there are plenty of other great online places to sell your crafts and earn extra cash. 

You could also consider participating in local craft fairs. Not only does this allow you to declutter, but it can also help fuel your creative hobbies and make you some money in the process. 

8. Recycle Scrap Metal for Extra Cash

In many of our unused appliances, electronics, and furniture lies a treasure trove of valuable scrap metal. Copper, brass, aluminum, and steel can all be recycled for money. Decluttering your home can be a surprisingly effective way to gather such materials. 

People walking at a flea market
Exchanging items on swap platforms or markets is a clutter-free approach to acquiring new treasures while unloading unused items.

Check with your local recycling center to see what types of metal they accept and their going rates. It’s an environmentally-friendly way to make money by decluttering your home.

Turning Tidying into a Treasure Hunt

As you can see, decluttering has the dual power of freeing up physical space while bolstering your financial status, transforming your home into a more comfortable living space and a profitable venture. There are countless ways to make money by decluttering your home, from online marketplaces and yard sales to crafting and renting out your extra space. In essence, decluttering is no longer just about saying goodbye to the old but also welcoming new opportunities. So, dust off that old chest, open up those cluttered drawers, and let’s transform clutter into cash, one item at a time!

Easy Ways to Make Money by Decluttering Your Home

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