Liquidation Popup Sale

How I Make $5,000 A Month Having $5 Sale Events


Once a month, I hold a $5 sale event where I sell name-brand items for $5.00 each and average $5,000 in sales. I call them Liquidation Popup sales. I’ve held these events at vendor fairs, flea markets, craft shows, and even out of storage rental units. My most profitable event to date has been a 2-hour sale I held in a vacant storefront. That day, sales were over $12,000!

Mind you, this isn’t all pure profit as there are expenses, such as entry fees or rental costs (average is $60 per event). Plus you’ll need to invest some blood, sweat, and tears (aka labor).

And then there is the cost of the items to sell (I call this inventory). Chances are that if you are reading this, you already know how to buy inventory to resell. You may even already sell items via different outlets (eBay, Amazon FBA, Facebook Marketplace, etc) but have excess inventory that you would like to move to make room (space and money-wise) to buy more inventory. Or maybe you own a liquidation bin store but can’t or don’t want to sustain a storefront long term. Or maybe you just bought your first liquidation pallet and are saying, “Now what?”

When I have what I consider a good amount of liquidation items to sell, I start to plan a $5 sale. I schedule them for a day, time, and location that works for me; there is no set schedule. I may have two sales in one month and take two months off. I love the beauty of flexibility.

Do you want to make money by having $5 sales? Do you fit these qualifications?

  • Someone who wants to earn more money
  • Someone who wants to set their own schedule
  • Someone who wants to be their own boss
  • Someone who is willing to invest a few hours of time and energy
  • Someone who has inventory to sell (or the ability to get)

In my newly released ebook, I will teach you everything you need to know to have your own profitable $5 sale event. I share all of the nitty-gritty details along with lessons I learned along the way to make your event successful. Plus as a bonus, you’ll get free access to our secret Facebook group. There you can ask questions that are answered personally by me and other veteran members, share your own tips and ideas, and learn from others.

Get a copy of this ebook for, you guessed it, only $5.00!

Kim Rowley Lohrberg