Making more money and having access to an increased disposable income is often a goal for many households. You want not to worry about paying the bills and have the money here to do the things you want to do. But, if you have a career with a fixed income with no opportunity for bonuses or commissions, and there doesn’t seem to be a pay rise on the horizon, how can you increase the money you have?

There are ways that you can increase your income from home. Here are some of the options to consider.

1. Sell unwanted things online

One of the first things you can do would be to look at your home and see any items you could sell. Many of us will have unwanted clothes stored away because they don’t fit or we don’t like them. There might be tech in drawers from when you have replaced or upgraded gadgets you use. Appliances you don’t need anymore, kids toys they no longer need. If you start to look, you will see that there is plenty of opportunities to make some extra cash.

2. Use social media to make some cash

If you have social media accounts and developed an audience, you could look at making some money through adverts or sharing products and services online. Brands these days are looking for real people with an engaged audience, and sharing your life from home and relating to people might make you appealing for a brand to work with. There is a lot of potential for digital careers.

3. Mystery shopping

Another way to make some extra cash is to perform mystery shopping tasks. This might be reviewing restaurants or shops, performing telephone or even video tasks to see if companies follow their guidelines and rules. You don’t necessarily have to make purchases, but when you do, you are likely to be reimbursed and get a fee. So it can be nice to have a meal or a day out somewhere for free and get paid to make some observations.

4. Online surveys and website reviews

If you don’t want to leave your house so often, you can make some money from your laptop and your comfy chair. Some websites offer cash for reviews and surveys to be completed. Websites are constantly needing to be tested, which can be something you can do from home. It might be small amounts, but over time they can add up.

5. A freelance job or turning a hobby into something more

Finally, why not start selling freelance services or turn a hobby into something more. It might be you have a blog that you can begin to monetize, or maybe you love to bake, and now might be the time to think about making money from the things you love. This can be something that you love and feel passionate about, making it easy to start making some cash from it. Give it a try and see where it could go.

Let’s hope these tips help you to boost your income from home.