Build Your Personal Brand

How to Build Your Personal Brand and Make More Money


The key to any business is keeping revenue ticking over and making a healthy profit. However, many small and start-up enterprises may find difficulty in competing with larger businesses and finding ways to stand out in a competitive market. In this regard, it is worthwhile concentrating on your personal brand to establish yourself as an expert in your niche and attract consumer attention. Customers are more likely to correspond with businesses that are established and confident in their approach. While you may need to make some hefty initial investments, the results should certainly pay off in the long run. 

In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the best ways you can build your brand to make more money.

Start a Business Blog

If you consider yourself a creative individual with a significant amount of knowledge in your field, it may be worth starting a business blog. As there are always hundreds of businesses that will be offering the same products and services as you, it’s important to stand out as an industry expert for customers to put their trust in you. Essentially, it is all about constructing a story around your brand that sparks interest and triggers your customers to invest in you, as opposed to your competitors. 

Produce interesting content that increases your reader-to-customer conversion rate, and you could even integrate adverts within your blog page to generate a healthy side income.

Take Part in an Interview

If you believe that you have ground-breaking theories and useful information to share with the public, then undertaking an interview could be advantageous for spreading the word about your brand and generating new leads to your website. 

Reach out to media sources, such as magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and radio stations by introducing yourself and the subject matter you wish to discuss. It may be worthwhile to put together a media kit, which outlines your key business details, data, and other integral information.

Invest in Branded Merchandise

Businesses are instantly recognized by their branding. Therefore, if you are considering setting up a stand at a trade show or exhibition to promote your company, it would be wise to invest in branded merchandise to attract your desired audience. Once your brand becomes established, you could make extra money by selling merchandise, such as custom socks with logo or even as freebies during a promotion or for those who sign up to email newsletters. 

Become a Career Mentor

Inspiring industry professionals are always on the lookout to reach out to experts in their desired field, who have faced the same challenges upon starting out but finally achieved success. If you believe you have specialist knowledge to share, you could start a side hustle as a paid career mentor. This not only generates additional income alongside your business but also stimulates extra recognition towards the company that you worked hard to set up and thrive in. 


Regardless of how established you may be in your field, there is still plenty of room to grow and learn from others in your field. This is where networking comes into play. You may have followed the same processes and operations for many years, but meeting others teaches you new ways of doing things that could enhance your progression.

Attend networking events and connect with professionals on LinkedIn. Gain insight into how their business is playing out, how they are operating, and where they may be room for improvement.

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