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Most Affordable Places in Maryland to Move to in 2024


Maryland, known for its rich history and scenic landscapes, also offers some of the most affordable living options in the United States. These cities stand out not just for their economic advantages but also for their welcoming communities, cultural richness, and diverse recreational activities. Whether you’re a family looking to save money or a professional seeking a balance between work and life, the most affordable places in Maryland offer plenty of choices to suit every need and preference. 


Housing costs, for instance, are about 40% lower than in other parts of the country. That means you can find a comfortable home without breaking the bank, a rare find in today’s market! But affordability isn’t the only draw. Hagerstown is steeped in rich history and culture. The city has numerous historical sites and museums, like the Hagerstown Aviation Museum and the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. These offer a peek into the past and a dose of culture. Also, the Maryland Theatre provides a stage for plays, concerts, and other performances, ensuring you’re never short on entertainment.

Outdoor enthusiasts, you’re in for a treat! Hagerstown is surrounded by stunning natural beauty. With City Park and the nearby Appalachian Trail for hiking enthusiasts, there’s always an adventure waiting. And for family fun, the Hagerstown City Park Train Hub is a must-visit. Foodies, get ready to indulge. Hagerstown boasts a diverse culinary scene with various restaurants serving everything from classic American to international cuisine. And let’s not forget about the city’s annual events, like the Hagerstown Suns baseball games and the Augustoberfest, which celebrate the city’s unique heritage and community spirit.

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The most affordable places in Maryland offer affordable housing and great amenities.


Baltimore, Maryland, has affordability, a rich history, and a vibrant culture. Let’s dive into why it’s a fantastic place to live. Firstly, Baltimore is more affordable than many other major cities in the U.S. The cost of living here is about 12% lower than the national average, which is a big deal, especially regarding housing. Imagine living in a city with diverse neighborhoods, each with its unique charm, without the hefty price tag!

But Baltimore isn’t just about saving money. It’s a city with a robust job market, particularly in healthcare, education, and technology. Home to world-renowned institutions like Johns Hopkins Hospital and the University of Maryland, Baltimore offers unparalleled opportunities for professionals and students. And for those pursuing higher education, the city’s universities and colleges are among the best.

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is a hub of activity, with attractions like the National Aquarium and Maryland Science Center as well as several museums that offer free tickets with EBT. Love sports? Catch an Orioles game at Camden Yards, or cheer on the Ravens. And for the foodies, Baltimore’s culinary scene offers seafood and local delicacies. The crab cakes are a must-try! 


Salisbury is one of the most affordable places in Maryland, blending financial stability with a rich quality of life. This city offers a cost of living about 7% lower than the national average, making it a financially smart choice for many. Housing, a significant part of any budget, is particularly affordable here, with median home prices well below those in larger metropolitan areas.

It’s a city with opportunities, especially in education and healthcare. Home to the reputable Salisbury University and the award-winning Peninsula Regional Medical Center, it provides excellent prospects for professionals and students. For those seeking leisure and cultural activities, Salisbury offers a lot. The city is home to the Salisbury Zoo and the annual National Folk Festival. Furthermore, outdoor enthusiasts will love the proximity to the Wicomico River and nearby beaches, offering ample boating, fishing, and relaxation opportunities.  

Residential and commercial buildings in Baltimore, one of the most affordable places in Maryland.
Out of all these cities, Baltimore is the most popular one.

Riviera Beach 

This charming community in Anne Arundel County boasts a cost of living that is quite reasonable, especially when compared to larger metropolitan areas. It’s where you can enjoy the perks of a serene waterfront lifestyle without the hefty price tag. Career-wise, Riviera Beach offers a unique advantage. It’s positioned conveniently close to major employment hubs like Baltimore and Annapolis. That makes it ideal for professionals who want a peaceful home life and easy access to diverse job opportunities. The area is particularly favorable for those in the maritime, healthcare, and government sectors, given its proximity to significant employers. 

Education in Riviera Beach and its surrounding areas is commendable, with various quality schools and educational resources. Thus, this makes it a great option for families looking to provide a solid foundation for their children. If you’re moving with family for the first time, working with professional movers who know the area is best. The best Anne Arundel County movers can relocate you to Riviera Beach according to your timeline, giving you more time to enjoy your new neighborhood. Once you arrive, you’ll see that Riviera Beach does not disappoint regarding recreation. It offers residents picturesque views and water-related activities like boating and fishing. In addition, with access to cultural and historical attractions of nearby cities in Anne Arundel County, residents can enjoy the best of both worlds.


In Brunswick, the cost of living, particularly housing, is more manageable than in larger cities. This affordability is a major plus, allowing residents to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without the financial strain often found in bigger urban areas. Career-wise, Brunswick is strategically positioned. It’s close to major employment centers like Frederick and the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, making it a perfect spot for commuters looking for a quieter, more relaxed home base. The town also sees local businesses grow, providing job opportunities at your doorstep.

Furthermore, education in Brunswick is another highlight. The town is known for strong public schools, offering quality education and a supportive community environment. That makes it an ideal place for families who value educational excellence for their children. But life in Brunswick isn’t all work and no play. The town is rich in history and natural beauty, boasting attractions like the Brunswick Railroad Museum and the scenic C&O Canal. Outdoor enthusiasts will also find plenty to love here, with readily available hiking, biking, and fishing. The Potomac River provides a stunning backdrop for various recreational activities.

 A woman and man talking during a job interview.
Great job and career opportunities await in these cities.

The Most Affordable Places in Maryland in 2024: Summary 

Maryland’s diverse cities, like Hagerstown, Baltimore, Salisbury, Riviera Beach, and Brunswick, offer unique, affordable living experiences without compromising quality. These are the most affordable places in Maryland and have communities rich in culture, history, and recreation. With job opportunities, excellent educational facilities, and leisure activities, these Maryland gems are ideal for families, professionals, and retirees. So, embrace the opportunity to call one of these wonderful places home and save money while living in Maryland.

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