Shop For A Cause With ShoppingGives Stores

Shop For A Cause With ShoppingGives Stores


In an era where conscious consumerism is on the rise, ShoppingGives stands out as a beacon of hope and innovation. It’s not just a platform; it’s a movement that intertwines the act of shopping with philanthropy, altering the retail landscape significantly.

What is ShoppingGives?

ShoppingGives is a unique retail solution, redefining the nexus between e-commerce and charitable giving. It’s a platform where every transaction is an opportunity for consumers to contribute to causes they care about, without any additional cost.

Mission and Vision

The company’s mission is to create a world where every purchase can have a positive impact. This vision is rooted in the belief that corporate social responsibility should be at the heart of every business model.

How ShoppingGives Works

For Consumers: When you shop through ShoppingGives, a portion of your purchase is donated to a charity of your choice. This process is seamless, requiring no extra steps from the shopper.

For Retailers: Businesses integrate ShoppingGives into their e-commerce platforms. This integration allows them to offer charitable donations as a part of their customer’s shopping experience, enhancing brand loyalty and customer engagement.

Revenue Model

How does ShoppingGives make money? ShoppingGives generates revenue by taking a small percentage from the transaction made through their platform. This model ensures sustainability while keeping the service free for consumers.

Benefits for Consumers

Shoppers benefit by contributing to causes they are passionate about at no extra cost. This enriches their shopping experience with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Retailers Using ShoppingGives

A wide range of stores, from small boutiques to large enterprises, have embraced ShoppingGives. These 2400+ merchant partners include fashion retailers, tech companies, and many others, all witnessing enhanced customer loyalty and brand value.

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Top ShoppingGive Stores

Below is a list of our top ShoppingGives stores that will donate a percentage of your purchase to charity.


Coach, a global leader in luxury accessories, integrates ShoppingGives to add a philanthropic dimension to their shopping experience. This partnership allows Coach customers to support their choice of charitable causes, blending high fashion with high impact. To donate, sign up as an Insider (it’s free), and 1% of your purchase will be donated to the causes that are most important to you. Shop now!

Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover, famous for their stylish and functional work and travel bags, collaborates with ShoppingGives to empower their customers to make a difference. Each purchase goes beyond fashion, supporting causes that resonate with the brand’s community-focused values. Dagne Dover also accepts Afterpay to buy now pay later. Shop now!

Karen Kane

Karen Kane, an American fashion label known for its elegant simplicity, embraces ShoppingGives to fuse style with social impact. This partnership reflects Karen Kane’s dedication to ethical fashion and community contribution, allowing customers to support various social causes. Shop now!


KraveBeauty, a skincare brand that emphasizes simplicity and sustainability, teams up with ShoppingGives to enhance their impact. Purchases through KraveBeauty support Women’s Earth Alliance, mirroring the brand’s commitment to conscious beauty. KraveBeauty is also integrated with Catch so you earn store credit on every purchase. Shop now!


Olaplex, a revolutionary haircare brand, partners with ShoppingGives to extend their commitment to hair health to overall community health. This collaboration enables customers to support their choice of charitable initiatives by donating $1.00 to their favorite cause at no extra cost. Plus you can pay with Klarna to shop now and pay later.  Shop now!

Steve Madden

Steve Madden, a trendsetting footwear and accessories brand, joins forces with ShoppingGives to blend fashion-forward choices with charitable giving. This partnership allows customers to contribute to diverse causes which changes monthly. Steve Madden also offers discounts to military, students, and teachers. Shop now!

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web, renowned for their high-quality CBD products, partners with ShoppingGives to align their wellness mission with social responsibility. Through this collaboration, customers support Adaptive Training Foundation with each purchase, providing a critical tool for recalibrating the lives of individuals with physical disabilities. Charlotte’s Web accepts Sezzle for payment to shop now and pay later. Charlotte’s Web also offers discounts for first responders, military, nurses, students, and teachers.  Shop now!

Shop For A Cause With ShoppingGives Stores

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Delving into the details, let’s address some of the most commonly asked questions about ShoppingGives, providing clarity on its operations, partnerships, and the overall impact of your purchases.

Where is the ShoppingGives headquarters?

ShoppingGives is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Who is the ShopperGives CEO?

The CEO of ShoppingGives is Ronny Sage who is also own the founders, along with Ryan Jonker who is the CFO.

How does ShoppingGives select its charity partners?

ShoppingGives has a stringent vetting process to ensure that all charity partners are credible and have a track record of impactful work.

Can users suggest new charities to add to the platform?

Yes, users can suggest new charities, which are then evaluated by the ShoppingGives team for potential inclusion.

What is the impact of ShoppingGives so far?

As of 2023, ShoppingGives has contributed to over 24,000 various nonprofits, with the impact being felt across multiple sectors such as education, environmental conservation, and healthcare.

Is there a limit to how much can be donated through a purchase?

Donation limits may vary depending on the retailer and the specifics of the campaign in place.


ShoppingGives is more than just a platform; it’s a testament to how business can be a force for good. By blending e-commerce with philanthropy, it empowers consumers and retailers alike to make a difference with every transaction.

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