Where To Buy Fashion Wholesale Online

Where To Buy Fashion Wholesale Online


In the bustling world of fashion retail, staying ahead often means securing the best deals on quality merchandise. For boutique owners, fashion designers, or even fashion enthusiasts looking to dive into the world of retail, finding reliable sources for wholesale fashion online is crucial. Fortunately, the digital age has opened up a plethora of options, enabling access to wholesale fashion markets globally. Here’s a comprehensive guide on where to buy fashion wholesale online.

Wholesale Fashion Marketplaces

Niche wholesale marketplaces cater specifically to the fashion industry, offering curated selections of apparel, accessories, and footwear from various brands and designers. We recommend the following two platforms that focus on connecting retailers with fashion wholesalers, providing tools for seamless transactions and inventory management.

Wholesale Fashion Marketplaces


Faire.com connects retailers with unique artisanal products across fashion and home goods. With transparent pricing and a focus on fostering retailer-brand relationships, it’s a go-to for curated wholesale merchandise.


FashionGo is a one-stop online marketplace for fashion wholesale. Offering a vast selection of apparel and accessories, it provides retailers with easy navigation, advanced search options, and seamless transactions, making it a trusted resource in the industry.

These following online wholesale marketplaces may have lower prices than the above, but keep in mind that due diligence is necessary to ensure product quality and reliability, as these platforms host sellers from various backgrounds. Also, please note, that anything you order will most likely be shipped directly from China which may take months to receive, so if you are in need of inventory fast, these are not your best options. 


DHgate.com is a Chinese cross-border e-commerce marketplace Chinese business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) cross-border e-commerce marketplace that facilitates the sale of manufactured products from suppliers to small and medium retailers.


AliExpress is a global online retail platform offering competitive prices, connecting buyers with suppliers worldwide. Its extensive product categories include fashion, electronics, and home goods, making it popular for sourcing wholesale merchandise.

Independent Fashion Wholesalers

Independent fashion wholesalers operate outside of large marketplaces and directories, often specializing in niche markets or unique product offerings. These independent wholesalers can offer exclusive products and personalized service, making them valuable sources for retailers looking to differentiate their inventory.

Independent Fashion Wholesalers

Below are the independent fashion wholesalers that we recommend along with the products they specialize in. 

ClothingShop Online

If you specialize in custom clothing, ClothingShop Online sells a vast selection of blank t-shirts and clothing. Brands sold include Bella+Canvas, Comfort Colors, Jerzees, Gildan, New Level Apparel, and Tultex. Shop ClothingShopOnline.com now!

Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel specializes in ethically-made, USA-produced clothing, offering a diverse range of sustainable and organic apparel options for wholesale purchase, perfect for retailers prioritizing eco-conscious merchandise. Shop RoyalApparel.net now!


Shewin is a trendy wholesale fashion destination, known for its stylish and affordable women’s clothing collections, featuring the latest trends in dresses, tops, and accessories for fashion-forward retailers. They also offer customized personalized woven labels and hang tags to whitelabel the products into your own. Shop Shewin.com now!


LovelyWholesale is a global online retailer and wholesaler, offering a wide range of fashion-forward clothing, accessories, and footwear at competitive wholesale prices, catering to retailers seeking trendy and budget-friendly merchandise. They also accept Klarna for payment to split the cost of your purchase into 4 interest-free payments. Shop LovelyWholesale.com now!

Waistdear Wholesale

Waistdear Wholesale sells shapewear, including bodysuits, shapers, waist trimmers, thigh slimmers, sportswear, bras, and underwear. They also can add your logo, do private label and dropship. They also accept Klarna to spread out your payments. Shop Waistdear.com now!

Wholesale for Everyone

Wholesale for Everyone is a comprehensive wholesale platform offering a diverse selection of products, from apparel and accessories to home goods and electronics, making it a convenient one-stop shop for retailers of all types. They offer tiered discounts, whether you buy single items, dozens or cases. Shop WholesaleForEveryone.com now!

Brand Direct Websites

Many fashion brands offer wholesale programs directly through their websites. This approach allows buyers to access authentic products at wholesale prices while establishing direct relationships with the brands. Some brands like KanCan and Corkys Footwear have dedicated sections for wholesale inquiries, making it convenient for retailers to stock up on trendy merchandise.

If you are looking for a specific brand wholesale, sometimes your best best is to simply search in your browser for “brand name wholesale” replacing “brand name” with the actual name of the brand that you are searching for. 

Wholesale Membership Clubs

Wholesale membership clubs are not traditional online marketplaces but can still be valuable sources for bulk purchasing of fashion items. While their selections may be limited compared to dedicated fashion platforms, membership clubs offer competitive pricing and the convenience of bulk buying. Here are the main membership clubs:

Wholesale Directories

Websites like WholesaleCentral (free) and SaleHoo (paid) serve as directories, aggregating information on verified wholesalers and manufacturers across different industries, including fashion. These directories often provide detailed profiles of suppliers, enabling buyers to filter results based on criteria like product type, minimum order quantity, and location.

Social Media and Networking Platforms

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have become valuable resources for discovering wholesale fashion suppliers. Many wholesalers and manufacturers showcase their products on these platforms, allowing buyers to browse through catalogs, engage with sellers, and negotiate deals directly.

Tips for Successful Wholesale Purchases

Navigating the wholesale fashion landscape requires savvy decision-making and strategic planning to ensure successful purchases and long-term business growth.

Tips for Successful Wholesale Purchases

  1. Research Thoroughly: Before committing to a wholesale purchase, research suppliers extensively, considering factors like product quality, pricing, shipping policies, and customer reviews.
  2. Start Small: Begin with smaller orders to test the waters and assess the reliability of suppliers. Gradually increase order quantities as trust and confidence in the supplier grow.
  3. Negotiate Terms: Don’t hesitate to negotiate terms with wholesalers, including pricing, minimum order quantities, and shipping arrangements. Building a mutually beneficial relationship can lead to long-term partnerships.
  4. Tax Exemption: Get sales tax exempt status from online stores if you are a reseller. Here’s a guide how to get tax exemption
  5. Stay Updated: Keep abreast of industry trends, market demands, and regulatory changes to make informed purchasing decisions and stay competitive in the fashion market.

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In conclusion, the internet has revolutionized the wholesale fashion industry, offering unparalleled access to a vast array of products and suppliers. By leveraging online platforms, directories, and networking opportunities, retailers and entrepreneurs can source high-quality fashion merchandise at competitive prices, empowering them to thrive in the dynamic world of fashion retail.

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