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All The Ways To Save Money With A New Baby


Tips for saving money with a new baby, from medical bills to diapers, so that your bank account survives the first year of parenting.

When I was a young mother of four children under the age of seven, we lived very frugally out of necessity. I’ve continued to be a thrifty shopper and bargain hunter instilling those same ideals into my daughters who are making me a grandmother this year. Little Miss Merritt (shown above) made her arrival last month, and my next grandbaby is due next month. I figured this is the perfect time to share some of the ways my daughters and I have been able to save money with a new baby in the family.

Baby Trivia: Did you know that Merritt is an “old money” baby name? And isn’t she just the cutest thing?!

Ways To Save Money With A New Baby

Having a new baby can put a strain on finances. From medical bills to diapers, there are endless expenses that come with a newborn. But there are ways you can save money when it comes to caring for your little one. Here are just a few of the techniques you can use to make sure that your bank account survives the first year of parenting.

Be Smart With Diapers

Diapers are an unavoidable expense, but there are ways to keep costs down.

Buy In Bulk

Consider buying diapers in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club. This can be a great way to save money, but it’s important to factor in the cost of storage if you don’t have the room.

Watch For Sales

Always being on the lookout for sales at stores like Target. You can save a ton of money by stocking up during these sales. If you are a Target shopper, be sure to sign up for a free Target RedCard to get an extra 5% off all orders online and instore. 

Use Diaper Coupons

You can often find coupons on diaper brands like Pampers, Huggies and Luvs either by searching online and buying the Sunday newspaper. If you are new to couponing, click here to learn the lingo and find other sources for coupons. 

Diaper Delivery Service

Another trick is to subscribe to diaper delivery so you never run out of diapers and get them delivered directly to your home at discounted prices. offers diaper subscriptions for diapers and baby wipes or just diapers that are delivered for free, can be canceled anytime, and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

Cloth Diapers

You can also look into cloth diapers which may be less expensive in the long run, though they usually require more frequent washing and maintenance than disposable ones which in turn may run up your utility bills.

Get Creative When Shopping For Baby Gear

You don’t need every single item on the market for your baby! Do some research online and read reviews before committing to any purchase so that you get exactly what you need without wasting money on unnecessary products. For instance, here is a Nanit Pro Baby Monitor review by a real mom is you are consider a baby camera. 

Create Baby Registry

By creating a baby registry for a baby shower, your friends and family will know what items you need yet for your new baby. The top places to register are Target and

Most stores that offers baby registries also offer discounts (usually 15-20% off) on items you don’t receive as gifts, so register for diapers, too! This will help you save money and get exactly what you need for your baby. Be sure to register for some sensory toys for your new baby as there are many benefits of sensory play.

Borrow Baby Gear

Additionally, consider borrowing items from family and friends who have already gone through certain stages instead of spending extra money on items that won’t be used after the first year or so. This includes items such as walkers, budget bassinets, and playpens. 

Buy Used Baby Gear

You can also save some money by buying used baby gear. From furniture to neutral baby toys, you can find gently used items in great condition at rummage sales and online marketplaces, such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Do be sure to check out the expiration date on car seats though as they do expire. And if buying a used crib, make sure it passes this crib safety test by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

Liquidation Sales

Watch for liquidation sales at stores that are going out of business as well as reseller liquidation stores where you can buy overstock, last season and returned gifts. You can find great deals on baby products like strollers, car seats, and more.

As some of you may know, one of my side hustles is having my own liquidation sales. And I have to admit, I have been selfish and hoarding all of the diapers from the Dollar General liquidation pallets and Target liquidation pallets to save for my grandbabies. 

Feeding A New Baby

When it comes to feeding a new baby, there are some cost-saving measures you can take.


The best way to save money is to breastfeed your baby. Not only does it provide the perfect nutrition for your little one, but it’s also free! And did you know that there are actual stretches for breastfeeding? Also, if you produce more breastmilk than your baby needs, you can freeze for later use or even sell your breastmilk for cash!

But we also understand that breastfeeding is not always the best option in many situations. 

Formula Feeding

If you’re formula-feeding, sign up on the Similac and Enfamil website for free samples, formula coupons and special offers. The hospital and doctor’s office (both obstetrician and pediatrician) should have baby formula samples and coupons available for new parents. 

Also take advantage of just pay shipping offers, as Kabrita is giving away a full size goat milk toddler formula ($23 retail) for just the price of shipping ($6.99). Click here for more info. 

Making Your Own Baby Food

Another cost-saving measure is to make your own baby food. It’s easy to prepare and much cheaper than store-bought options. You can buy a specialty baby food maker, but a blender or food processor will yield almost the same results. 

My favorite item that I used to feed my children with was a “fresh feeder” that allows you to feed infants fruits and vegetables that are strained through a mesh so they don’t choke. You can use fresh, frozen or canned fruits or vegetables. And fresh feeders are super inexpensive on Amazon!

Baby Clothing

Years ago (like when I was a child), it was less expensive to sew your own clothing, but with the popularity of crafting and sewing now as a hobby, it’s actually less expensive to buy new clothing than sew it yourself, especially if you factor in your time!

So when it comes to clothing, you can save some money by shopping second-hand at rummage sales or borrowing items from family and friends as babies grow in and out of baby clothing sizes pretty fast.

Don’t forget to look at liquidation stores near you for baby clothing. You can even find designer baby clothing at liquidation boutique stores on the cheap.

Buy Now Pay Later

While I don’t usually condone financing, you can get large ticket items on no-interest payment plans. There are a few companies like AfterPay and Sezzle that offer an invaluable service to parents who are struggling to make ends meet but need a car seat or crib. 

These buy now pay later (BNPL) companies allow parents to make purchases and pay for them in 4 equal payments over time without incurring interest or hidden fees. This can be a great way to get the things you need while not putting yourself under too much financial strain.

Look Into Government Resources

The government offers numerous resources for families with young children such as healthcare assistance programs, food subsidies, childcare assistance, and more. Doing a quick search online will help you find out which government programs you may be eligible for in your area, but here are the most popular programs for those with new babies:


If health insurance is an issue, consider looking into Medicaid. This is a government program that provides health coverage for people with low incomes. It may provide coverage for pregnancy visits and delivery, doctor visits, prescriptions and other health care costs related to raising a baby.

WIC (Women Infants & Children)

WIC is a great example of a government program that offers food assistance for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women as well at infants and children up to age 5. The food package for infants includes baby formula and baby food. They also offer breastfeeding support, immunization screenings and more. 

Budgeting For A New Baby

Having a baby can be expensive, but with some savvy budgeting and cost-saving measures, you can make sure that your finances stay under control. Create a budget and track your spending so you can identify areas where you need to cut back on expenses.

529 College Savings Plan

It’s never too early to start thinking about college savings for your baby. Open a 529 college savings plan and make monthly contributions so that you’ll have a head start when the time comes.

Set Up Automatic Savings

You can also set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to a savings account to ensure that you’re saving money each month. Having an emergency fund will help you cover unexpected expenses for your baby.

Treasury Bonds

My mother gave my children U.S. Treasury savings bonds for their baptism gift. And I am thinking of doing the same for my new grandchildren. Savings bonds are low-risk investments with predictable returns that the child can use for anything from college tuition to saving for their first home.


Being prepared financially for having a baby is key; however, it doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank! There are plenty of creative ways you can save money while still providing all the necessary care for your newborn – from smart diaper shopping strategies to taking advantage of government resources – you’ll be able to enjoy those precious moments without worrying about how much everything costs! The best advice? Take it one day at a time and always keep an eye out for deals and discounts! Good luck!

And now more cute pics of my Merritt…


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