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Where To Request Free Fabric Swatches If You Are Redecorating


When redecorating, choosing the right fabrics for your furniture, curtains, bedding, or cushions is essential for achieving the desired aesthetic and functional outcome. This is where the option to request free fabric swatches becomes invaluable. Here’s why you should take advantage of this service and how to make the most out of it.

Importance of Requesting Fabric Swatches

Delving into the crucial role of fabric samples in the redecorating process, this section explores why obtaining these swatches is a key step in ensuring your design vision becomes a beautiful reality.

1. Color and Texture Matching

Photos and descriptions online can be deceiving. Fabric swatches allow you to see and feel the material, ensuring it matches your interior design and meets your expectations in terms of texture and color.

2. Lighting Considerations

The appearance of fabric can vary dramatically under different lighting conditions. Swatches enable you to see how the material looks in the specific lighting of your space, be it natural daylight or artificial lighting.

3. Quality Assessment

By examining a fabric swatch, you can gauge the quality, durability, and maintenance requirements of the material, which is crucial for high-use items like sofas or dining chairs.

4. Cost Effective

Requesting fabric samples before embarking on a redecorating project is not just about getting the aesthetics right; it’s a savvy financial move too. By taking advantage of free fabric swatches, you can ensure that the materials you choose align perfectly with your vision, avoiding costly mistakes and replacements. This foresight helps in making informed decisions, saving money in the long run by reducing the risk of dissatisfaction and the need for future modifications. In essence, these small swatches can lead to significant savings, making them an essential tool in any cost-effective redecorating strategy.

Where to Request Free Fabric Swatches

This section guides you through various places where you can request free fabric samples, ensuring you have access to a wide array of options for your next redecorating project.

80+ Online Retailers offer Free Swatches

Request Free Fabric Swatches

Many online furniture and fabric retailers offer free swatches, often with a wide variety of options. All of the following online retailers all offer complimentary fabric swatches:

1. 7th Avenue

7th Avenue specializes in offering a sophisticated range of modern modular sofas and sectionals. Their furniture combines contemporary design with practical functionality, catering to the needs of modern living spaces. Known for their customizable configurations and stylish aesthetics, 7th Avenue is a top choice for those seeking comfort, versatility, and modern elegance in their home furnishings. Request free swatches (US only).



2. Albany Park

Specializing in stylish and comfortable sofas, Albany Park offers a unique blend of modern aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship. Request up to four free fabric swatches to help in selecting the ideal upholstery to complement your living space. Albany Park offers financing through Affirm to buy now pay later. 



3. Allform

Allform delivers on the promise of high-quality, modular sofas and chairs that combine contemporary design with unmatched customization. Known for their durable materials and comfortable builds, Allform offers versatile furniture solutions that adapt to any space and style, ideal for modern living. Request fabric or leather swatches.



4. Apt2B

Apt2B is a trendy and modern furniture retailer, renowned for offering stylish, yet affordable pieces. They cater to contemporary tastes with a range of sofas, tables, and decor items, all characterized by their chic urban design. Apt2B is particularly appreciated for their customization options and commitment to customer satisfaction, including offering up to 10 free fabric swatches to help shoppers make the perfect choice for their home.



5. Bemz

Bemz specializes in custom, designer-quality slipcovers and home textiles, transforming IKEA furniture into unique, stylish pieces. Known for their durability, variety, and eco-friendly options, Bemz allows for personalized home décor with a sustainable touch. Request five fabric samples for free. Order 10 swatches and receive tracked delivery for $10. 



6. Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch stands out for its commitment to luxury and sustainability in home linens. Renowned for their ethically sourced and organic cotton products, they offer a range of bedding, bath, and home essentials that combine comfort, quality, and eco-consciousness, ideal for those seeking both luxury and responsible living. Request free fabric swatches that woven in the highest quality 100% organic cotton threads. 



7. Case Furniture

Case Furniture stands out for its commitment to crafting high-quality, contemporary furniture with a focus on functionality and timeless design. Renowned for their innovative use of materials and attention to detail, they offer a range of elegant and durable furniture pieces, ideal for modern living spaces that value both style and practicality. Request up to six free fabric swatches (may be UK only).



8. Castlery

Castlery is a contemporary furniture brand known for its sleek designs and affordable prices. They offer a wide range of modern furniture pieces, from stylish sofas to elegant dining sets, all crafted with an eye for detail and quality. Castlery’s focus on creating functional, yet aesthetically pleasing furniture makes them a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of modern sophistication to their homes. Request up to three free swatches to help you make the right choice.



9. Coley Home

Coley Home stands out for its unique blend of comfort and style in home furnishings. They offer a variety of customizable, handcrafted furniture, emphasizing quality and contemporary design. With a focus on customer experience, they provide fabric swatches to ensure satisfaction in every purchase. Request up to six free swatches (each additional swatch is $1). All of Coley Home products are made in the USA. They also offer financing through Affirm.



10. Frontgate

Frontgate stands as a premier destination for luxurious home furnishings and decor. They offer a wide selection of high-end products, ranging from elegant outdoor furniture to sophisticated indoor accessories, all designed with quality and style in mind, catering to those who seek to infuse their homes with a sense of luxury and comfort. Request free outdoor swatches. 



11. Half Price Drapes

Half Price Drapes offers a wide selection of high-quality, affordable window treatments. Known for their variety in styles and fabrics, they provide elegant solutions for any decor, ensuring both style and functionality at a great value. Request five free fabric swatches. 



12. Inside Weather

A modern furniture brand known for its customizable and eco-friendly options, Inside Weather allows customers to personalize their furniture pieces. They offer up to 10 free swatches to ensure that the fabric and color choices align perfectly with your home’s interior design. Swatches are free and will arrive in 2-4 business days. Inside Weather also offers financing through Affirm.



13. La-Z-Boy

La-Z-Boy is synonymous with comfort and quality in the furniture industry. Best known for their iconic recliners, they offer a wide range of furniture including sofas, chairs, and more. Their commitment to durability, comfort, and style makes them a go-to brand for furnishing homes with cozy, inviting pieces. Pick your top three fabric or leather choices to be sent as samples to you. 



14. Levity

Specializing in high-quality, functional modern furniture and home accessories, Levity offers an exquisite selection of items that blend modern design with classic comfort. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their free fabric swatch service, allowing customers to request up to 5 free swatches to experience the texture and color of their fabrics firsthand. Please allow 5-10 business days to receive your free fabric swatches. Levity also offers financing through Afterpay and Klarna.



15. Lovesac

Renowned for their innovative modular furniture, particularly their versatile sectional sofas known as ‘Sactionals’, Lovesac provides a wide range of fabric options to customize your seating. Their free swatch service allows customers to request up to five swatches at a time for free! Swatches are sent via the U.S. postal service mail and will arrive in 2-3 weeks. This allows one to find the perfect fabric to match their decor before committing to a purchase.



16. McGee & Co.

McGee & Co. excels in curating a sophisticated blend of classic and modern home furnishings and decor. Renowned for their elegant aesthetic, they offer a range of high-quality furniture, textiles, and accessories that embody a timeless yet contemporary style, perfect for enhancing any living space with a touch of refined elegance. Request up to 10 upholstery swatches ($3 per swatch after 10 swatches) with free shipping to receive within 1-3 weeks. They also send out free catalogues!



17. Nuture&

Nurture& is a brand dedicated to creating thoughtfully designed, sustainable nursery products. Specializing in items that combine functionality with eco-friendly materials, they offer a range of products from glider, cribs, daybeds and children’s furniture. Request fabric swatches of all of their colors. 



18. One Kings Lane

Offering a range of upscale home furnishings and decor, One Kings Lane provides a luxurious shopping experience. Their free fabric swatches service is ideal for those looking to invest in high-end, designer-quality materials for their home. You can request a maximum of three swatches. Swatches will arrive in 7-14 business days via USPS. One Kings Lane also sends out free catalogs and offers financing through Citizens Pay.



19. Outer

Outer specializes in creating durable, stylish outdoor furniture designed for modern lifestyles. Their focus on sustainability and comfort, combined with weather-resistant materials, makes Outer an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their outdoor living spaces with furniture that’s both beautiful and built to last. Select certain colors or all color fabric swatches (US only).



20. Peach Skin Sheets

Known for their ultra-soft and breathable bed sheets, Peach Skin Sheets focuses on comfort and quality offering affordable luxury bedding. They offer free swatches of their signature fabric in 32 different colors, allowing customers to experience the unique texture and quality before buying. PeachSkinSheets also offers a military discount for veterans and active military



21. Pure Parima

Pure Parima excels in providing luxurious bedding made from 100% certified Egyptian cotton. Renowned for their ultra-soft and durable sheets, they focus on delivering a premium sleep experience. Their commitment to quality and comfort makes them a top choice for those seeking a touch of opulence in their bedroom. Request free fabric swatches and catalogs.



22. Rove Concepts

Rove Concepts excels in offering sleek, mid-century modern and Scandinavian-inspired furniture. Known for sustainable, high-quality craftsmanship, they provide a range of stylish, durable pieces. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is highlighted by their fabric swatch service, ensuring perfect furniture choices for any modern home décor. Request up to 12 free swatches to be delivered within 3-7 business days. US customers can finance through Klarna, and Canadian customers can finance through Paybright.  



23. Slipcover Shop

Slipcover Shop offers a wide array of custom-made slipcovers and furniture covers, perfect for refreshing your existing furniture. Their products are known for their quality, durability, and style, with an emphasis on providing a personalized look for any home decor. Request fabric swatch samples to be sent by US mail the following day.



24. is renowned for its comfortable, stylish, and customizable sofas, chairs, and beds. Known for their quality craftsmanship and a wide range of fabric choices, they offer a user-friendly experience for those looking to add a touch of comfort and elegance to their home interiors. Choose up to 6 fabric samples (over 100 to choose from). UK and Ireland only.



25. Sun Haven

SunHaven specializes in creating luxurious and durable outdoor furniture. Their collections, designed for comfort and style, offer a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and resilience, enhancing any outdoor living space with elegance and ease. Order a complimentary wicker or fabric swatch to help you decide what to purchase. 



26.  The Inside

TheInside offers a fresh take on home furnishings by blending custom-made craftsmanship with an extensive range of vibrant, unique designs. Known for their personalized approach, they provide a variety of stylish furniture and decor items that can be tailored to individual tastes, making it easy for customers to express their personal style in their living spaces. Get 5 swatches FREE with Code: 5FREESWATCHES and Free Shipping. Additional swatches are $1 each. 



Additional Online Retailers

The following places listed below are also offering free fabric swatches:

  1. 2Modern – certain products offer free swatches; you will see link to “Get Swatches” on product page if available
  2. Another Country
  3. BackSide Fabrics
  4. Barn & Willow
  5. Barnett Home Decor
  6. Bassett 
  7. Birch Ln – click on upholstered furniture products to see if link for “Order Free Samples” is available
  8. BoConcept
  9. Burrow – choices of basketweave, top-grain leather, chenille, velvet &/or flat twill
  10. Calico 
  11. CB2
  12. Civil
  13. Concelli Decor
  14. Couch Potatoes
  15. Cover My Furniture – request up to 5 fabric samples
  16. Crate&Barrel
  17. Darlings of Chelsea – request up to 8 swatches (UK only)
  18. Discounted Designer Fabrics
  19. DreamState
  20. Dunelm (UK)
  21. Fashion Window Treatments – maximum 10 swatches
  22. Feather&Black – click on item to request free samples for that product (may be UK only)
  23. Fabric Sight 
  24. FlexSteel – request up to 10 swatches
  25. Georgia Expo
  26. Grace Richey Clarke – request up to 5 colors
  27. Helmii
  28. Homelab Fabric
  29. Interior Define
  30. Joybird
  31. Liz and Roo
  32. Loft Curtains
  33. Maker&Son – request up to 8 fabric samples
  34. Mantle – request up to 5 free swatches
  35. Modern Fabrics
  36. Mulberry Park Silks
  37. Nicola Harding – request up to 6 swatches (UK only)
  38. New Tess
  39. Pottery Barn – request up to 12 swatches
  40. Pottery Barn Kids – request up to 15 swatches
  41. Pottery Barn Teen – request up to 15 swatches
  42. Pretty Windows
  43. Rejuvenation
  44. Room&Board – request up to 20 free fabric & leather swatches
  45. SixPenny – request up to 12 swatches for free ($2 a piece after that)
  46. Sloan & Sons
  47. Smith&Noble – request up to 30 swatches + free shipping
  48. Snug Interiors
  49. Sofas&Sectionals
  50. Splash Fabric
  51. Stylnn Furniture
  52. Sweetpea & Willow – request up to 6 free swatches
  53. Swyft
  54. The Orchard (UK)
  55. TwoPages – request up to 5 swatches and just pay shipping 
  56. Ultimate Sack
  57. West Elm
  58. Wicker Living
  59. Williams Sonoma

Each of these companies provides an opportunity to experience their products through free swatches, ensuring customer satisfaction and a perfect match for any redecorating project.

Local Furniture/Fabric Stores

Local furniture or fabric stores or upholstery shops may provide swatches for free or for a nominal fee. This also gives you the opportunity to support local businesses.

Trade Shows and Expos

Attending home decor or interior design trade shows can be a great way to collect free fabric swatches from various vendors.

Creative Uses for Fabric Swatches

This section highlights innovative and fun ways to repurpose fabric swatches after your redecorating project is complete, turning them into valuable resources for various creative endeavors.

1. Crafting and Scrapbooking

Small fabric swatches can be used in a variety of crafts, from scrapbooking to creating custom jewelry or embellishments for other projects.

2. Patchwork and Quilting

For those who enjoy sewing, fabric swatches can be incorporated into patchwork projects, quilts, or even used to make small pouches or coasters.

3. Educational Tools

For those with children, fabric swatches can be a great tool for sensory play or for teaching about different textures and colors.


In conclusion, the practice of requesting free fabric swatches is an invaluable step in the redecorating process, offering a tangible way to make informed decisions about materials and colors. Beyond their immediate utility in helping choose the right fabrics, these swatches also hold potential for creative reuse. From crafting and scrapbooking to educational activities, the possibilities are as diverse as the fabrics themselves.

By taking advantage of free swatch services offered by retailers and local stores, you not only enhance your redecorating experience but also open the door to a world of creative post-decor projects. In essence, these small samples of fabric can significantly impact both your design choices and your creative pursuits, bridging the gap between practicality and creativity in home decor.

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