Just Pay Shipping Free Offers

Top 10 Just Pay Shipping Free Offers


Companies love to offer free items to consumers in the hopes that they will come back for more. Some of these items require a small shipping and handling fee, i.e. “just pay shipping“, which pays for postage and serves as evidence that you are truly interested in the offer – not just eager to get your hands on something because it’s free. 

Top 10 Just Pay Shipping Offers

Be aware of any fine print when it comes to free offers, as some may involve being enrolled in a membership or subscription (as indicated with an asterisk* and the offer says “free trial”). In the event that you do not wish to remain signed up for such services, make sure to cancel after receiving your complimentary item so that you don’t get charged later.

Top 10 Just Pay Shipping Offers

Here is my top 10 list of just pay shipping offers from lowest-to-highest shipping rate:

1. FREE Hello Fresh Meals ($120 value)

Your first box of food is absolutely free through our link – just pay $4.99 shipping. I picked “4” for the number of people and “3” recipes per week ($119.88), and my total was $0 + $4.99 shipping! This is a subscription, but you can skip meals and/or cancel at anytime before being charged. 

2. FREE CBD Oil Samples

Cheef Botanicals is giving away free bottles of their 300mg Full Spectrum CBD oil

Cheef Botanicals is giving away free bottles of their 300mg Full Spectrum CBD oil (15 ml; 0.5 oz). To get yours, click here for details. You will add to your cart and use Code: FREE300 on the checkout page. Shipping is only $7.50.

3. FREE BioTrust Pro-X10 Live Probiotics

FREE BioTrust Pro-X10 Live Probiotics

Get a free 30-count bottle ($50 value), just pay shipping ($6.95) – there are no monthly subscriptions, no strings attached – plus they will feed a hungry child in your honor!

4. FREE Trial Lumin Skincare

Choice of Free Classic Maintenance Set ($60 retail value), Free Anti-Fatigue Essentials Bundle ($76.50 retail value), or Free Age Management Bundle ($65 retail value). Just pay $7.00 Shipping.*

free trial lumin skincare

Lumin presents itself as the foremost men’s skincare subscription provider with luxurious products crafted by world-renowned professionals in Los Angeles to present a superior experience for all customers. 

5. FREE Trial Skinny Me Premium Chocolate

Receive a 30 piece bag of Skinny Me award winning zero sugar delicious premium chocolate ($34.95 value). Choose from Bold Dark, Creamy Milk, Almond Brownie, or Mint Chip. Just pay $4.95 shipping. 

Seven days after receiving your free chocolate, you’ll be enrolled in their monthly service, but you can cancel anytime. 

6. Free Photo Canvas From Canvas Champ

Select your choice of 8″×10″, 12″x8″, 8″x8″, 10″x10″, 11″x14″ or 16″x20″ size of canvas prints to get it free. Just pay shipping starting at $9.99.

free photo canvas from canvas champ

CanvasChamp offers customers the opportunity to transform cherished photographs into custom canvas art. With this free offer on premium canvas prints, you can now memorialize your most meaningful moments with gallery-quality artistry and showcase them as they deserve to be seen.

7. FREE Challenger Men’s Shower & Styling Sampler

Includes sample sizes of Challenger Men’s Tea Tree Shampoo, Conditioner, and Fresh Body Wash Trio and Challenger Matte Cream Pomade, Strong Shine Paste, and Shine Pomade Trio. Just pay $4.99 shipping to anywhere in the US. 

8. FREE Underwear from Cheek Boss

Receive two free pairs of underwear ($16.50 value each) from same company as POP Fit above. “You do not have to join any membership, V.I.P. program or subscription service to claim your 2 pairs of underwear.” Just pay $6.99 + tax Shipping.

9. FREE Beast Cookie Sample Pack

Includes all three flavors of Beast Energy Cookies including chocolate chip, chocolate brownie, and oatmeal raisin. Just pay $8.99 shipping. 

Energizing protein cookies powered by nature, not chemicals. Using premium ingredients, Beast Energy Cookies deliver sustained energy and muscle-building protein through 180mg of Green Tea-derived caffeine and 10 grams of a proprietary high-quality protein blend. With an uncompromising commitment to your health and performance, Beast Energy Cookies forge natural, powerful fuel for your body and mind.

10. Free Agency Personalized Anti-Aging Skincare

New customers can receive a FREE 30-day supply of personalized skincare products that target and treat wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, texture and firmness. Just pay $4.95 shipping*. Answer a few questions about your skin goal and a dermatology provider will create a custom formula just for your skin. They even offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

There you have it. Our top ten just pay shipping free offers. Be sure to research any offer thoroughly before committing, as there may be additional charges or terms and conditions that could apply.

Bonus Just Pay Shipping Offers

Because we just couldn’t stop at ten!

FREE Photo Prints

Get up to 1,000 FREE 4×6 photo prints per year with no subscriptions and no commitments from FreePrints.com. Limit one free print per photo, up to 85 free 4×6 prints per month. Shipping & handling starts at $1.99 and is never more than $9.99, no matter how many prints you order. 

FREE Fabric Swatches

Request up to 5 fabric swatches from TwoPages. Just pay $4.99 shipping. Fabric swatches work great for craft projects! Click here for more places where you can request free fabric swatches with free shipping. 

FREE Vinyl Disorder Stickers

Add to cart and pay $3.00 shipping. Click for more free sticker offers with free shipping even.

FREE Bean Stalk Mini Snack Sticks

This is a $14.99 value. Use promo code FREEMINIS to make price $0.00, then just pay $4.99 shipping. “A delightful trio of 100% plant-based, bite-sized protein sticks. Enjoy the bold taste of Original, the sweet and savory Teriyaki, and the rich, smoky goodness of Smoked.”

FREE Cat Crack Catnip Sample

Just pay $1.00 for USPS postage. 

FREE Leggings from POP Fit

Available in sizes 4XL-XXS. I picked the Skyscraper leggings which are a $59.50 value. Just pay $12.99 + tax Shipping. 

FREE Prescription Eyeglasses

Several online websites offer totally free prescription eyeglasses for new customers to try out their services. All you need is your vision prescription from your eye doctor to order and pay a nominal shipping and handling fee. Click here to see all the free eyeglass offers

FREE Helse 6-Piece Home Scent Sample Kit

The Sample Kit includes 6 popular blends (1 ML each) including Fresh Squeezed, Immunity, Breathe, Unwind, Moonlight Surft, and Uplift ($15 value). Limit one per customer. Shipping is $4.99. 

Previous Just Pay Shipping Offers

Some companies only offer just pay shipping offers during certain times of the year and have the right to pull their free offers at any time. The following offers may no longer be valid so please research carefully before giving out your credit card information as you may be charged.  

FREE Kabrita Goat Milk Formula

Get a free full size Kabrita goat milk toddler formula ($23 value). Limit one per household. Just pay $6.99 shipping & handling. This is not a free trial offer. 

free kabrita goat milk formula offer

Kabrita’s goat milk formula offers a gentle, nourishing alternative to traditional cow milk formulas. With a casein composition similar to breast milk and easier digestibility, Kabrita provides essential nutrition for growth and development that is naturally easy on newborn stomachs.

FREE Trial MEL Science Box

Choose between the following boxes: STEM (ages 5-10+), Math (ages 8-12+), Space (ages 8-14+), Physics (ages 8-14+), or Chemistry (ages 10-16+). Just pay Start free trial, and cancel at any moment. After 2 weeks, if you don’t cancel you will automatically be billed. Just pay $6 shipping.* 

free mel science trial just pay shipping

Let your children dive into the exciting realm of science with interactive, hands-on kits that come complete with a dynamic mobile application, plus virtual and augmented reality content. Unlock endless possibilities for exploration and learning!

What is a “Just Pay Shipping” Offer?

A “just pay shipping” offer is exactly what it sounds like—an offer for a free item with the caveat that you must pay for shipping in order to receive it. These offers are used by companies as an incentive for people to purchase their products or sign up for their services. The idea is that the cost of shipping is low enough that most people won’t mind paying it, but high enough that the company can still make money off the deal.

Pros and Cons of Just Pay Shipping Offers

If used correctly, taking advantage of these offers can be a great way to save money on items you were already planning to buy. However, there are some potential pitfalls that come with these offers as well. For starters, these offers often come with upsells and hidden fees which can quickly add up if you don’t read all of the fine print carefully. Additionally, some companies may not provide quality customer service or honor their returns policy if something goes wrong with your order. It’s important to do your research before committing to any offer like this so that you understand all the details involved in accepting it.

Finally, it’s important to remember that some companies may use these types of offers as part of a subscription service or loyalty program where they will continue billing your credit card until you cancel your membership or subscription. Make sure you know exactly what type of commitment you are making before agreeing to any offer like this!


Ultimately, “just pay shipping” offers can be great deals if used correctly—but they require caution and careful consideration due diligence in order to get the best value out of them. Always read all of the fine print closely before committing and make sure you understand exactly what type of commitment (if any) is involved with each offer before accepting it! With a bit of knowledge and preparation ahead of time, taking advantage of these types of deals can be an excellent way for savvy shoppers to save money on items they were already planning on purchasing anyway!

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