Old Money Names for Babies

The New Trend of Old Money Names for Babies


Many parents are looking for unique and meaningful names for their babies, and old money names can provide just that. While these names may have been associated with wealth and status in the past, today they are simply timeless, classic choices for your newborn. Let’s take a look at what some of these old money names mean and how to pick the perfect one for your little one.

What Does “Old Money” Mean?

Old money refers to the wealthy families of yesteryear who accrued their wealth over generations. From powerful politicians and businessmen to industrialists and financiers, these families had a certain level of status in society. While the term “old money” is often associated with wealth and prestige, it can also be understood as a connection to the past.

What Are Old Money Names?

Old money names are names that have been passed down through generations or come from the upper classes. They are often associated with wealth, privilege, and sophistication. These names harken back to an era of grandeur and elegance, while still being modern enough to fit into today’s world.

These old money names harken back to an era when people were named after kings and queens or great leaders in the past. They were created to be regal-sounding but also had meanings behind them that could be used as reminders for people about their heritage or culture. For example, the name Charlotte means “free” while William means “protector” – both meaningful words you might want your child to live up to!

How to Choose an Old Money Name

Choosing an old money name is easier than you might think! First, you should consider what type of name you prefer—traditional or modern? Traditional old money names often come with more history behind them while modern ones usually have a more contemporary feel. You can also research different meanings behind these old money names to make sure the name has significance before making a final decision. Lastly, don’t forget to check out how popular the name is—you don’t want to pick something too common that everyone else is using!

Benefits of Old Money Names for Babies

Giving your baby an old money name comes with many benefits. Not only does it provide your child with a unique name with a rich history and meaning but it also gives them a sense of identity right away. With these kinds of names comes an expectation that they will live up to their namesake which can help encourage them throughout life. It also helps create an air of prestige around your child that could open doors for them down the line as they grow older. Lastly, it can be fun to research where these unique old money names come from so you can share their origins with your little one!

Most Popular Old Money Names

Most Popular Old Money Names For Babies

Here are some of the most popular old money names for boys and girls (and their meanings) listed separately. Names that are considered unisex are listed on both lists. 

Old Money Girl Names

Ladies first. Our curated list of old money names for girls features names that are both graceful and powerful, echoing the elegance of past eras while remaining wonderfully relevant today. These names often carry with them stories of remarkable women, be they queens, literary figures, or pillars of society. Names like Elizabeth, Charlotte, and Anna not only sound beautiful but also bring with them a sense of dignity, heritage, and a timeless beauty. Each name is a blend of refinement and historical depth, perfect for a baby girl.

old money girl names

  1. Anna (favor or grace)
  2. Ashton (ash tree town)
  3. Avery (ruler of elves)
  4. Caroline (free woman)
  5. Charlotte (free man)
  6. Clara (clear, bright, famous)
  7. Dorothy (God’s gift)
  8. Edith (prosperous in strife)
  9. Elizabeth (God is my oath)
  10. Emma (whole or universal)
  11. Genevieve (tribe woman)
  12. Grace (charm, goodness, and generosity)
  13. Gwen (while, holy)
  14. Irene (peace)
  15. Ivy (vine)
  16. Jacqueline (supplanter) – Jacqueline Mars is one of the seven wealthiest women in the world
  17. Joan (God is gracious) – My middle name is Joan!
  18. Louisa (famous warrior)
  19. Margaret (pearl)
  20. Matilda (battle mighty)
  21. Merritt (boundary gate) – click here for pics of my super cute grand-daughter Merritt
  22. Sophia (wisdom)
  23. Taylor (tailor) – Taylor Swift is one of the richest self-made women in the world today
  24. Veronica (she who brings victory)
  25. Victoria (victory)

Old Money Boy Names

For those seeking a name for their baby boy that resonates with strength, history, and a noble air, our list of old money names for boys is a treasure trove. These names often hark back to influential figures in history, embodying qualities of leadership, bravery, and distinction. From the classic charm of names like Edward and William to the regal resonance of Alexander and Charles, each name in this collection holds a story, a legacy, and an intrinsic sophistication.

old money boy names

  1. Albert (noble and bright)
  2. Alexander (defender of men)
  3. Andrew (strong and manly)
  4. Arthur (noble and courageous)
  5. Ashton (ash tree town)
  6. Avery (ruler of elves)
  7. Benedict (blessed)
  8. Charles (manly)
  9. Edward (wealthy guardian)
  10. George (farmer)
  11. Gerard (brave spear)
  12. Henry (home ruler)
  13. Lloyd (sacred)
  14. Logan (little hollow)
  15. Joseph (God will increase)
  16. Matthew (gift of God)
  17. Parker (park keeper)
  18. Preston (priest’s town)
  19. Remington (raven-family town)
  20. Rory (red king)
  21. Simon (hearing)
  22. Spencer (steward or administrator)
  23. Taylor (tailor)
  24. William (strong-willed warrior)
  25. Winston (joyful stone)

Notice that a lot of these baby names are two syllable boy names. These are all perfect options if you are looking for a timeless, classic, vintage name for your baby!

New Money Names

Out with the old, and in with the new! If you are not into old money baby names, but you hope that your child will become successful and wealthy in adulthood, you may want to choose a new money baby name which is a name that signifies wealth and prosperity. 

23 Money-Themed Baby Names

23 Money-Themed Baby Names

Here are some old money names to consider:

  1. Banks
  2. Benjamin
  3. Bentley
  4. Bond
  5. Cash
  6. Copper
  7. Diamond
  8. Emerald
  9. Fortune
  10. Gem
  11. Grand
  12. Hamilton
  13. Jackson
  14. Jewel
  15. Lucky
  16. Nickel
  17. Penny
  18. Prosper
  19. Rich
  20. Ruby
  21. Silver
  22. Sterling
  23. Treasure

With money-inspired baby names, you are basically using scripting manifestation to can bring the wealth of your dreams to life! And if you don’t want your child to grow up being made fun of, stay away from naming your baby food slang words for money


There you have it – everything you need to know about choosing an old money name for your baby! By understanding the meanings behind these traditional choices, you can pick the perfect one that reflects both your family’s values and culture as well as having special significance in history. Whether it’s William or Elizabeth, Caroline or Henry or even an earthy girl name – there’s sure to be a timeless classic out there just waiting for your little one!

The New Trend of Old Money Names for Babies

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