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Request 100+ Free Stickers Via Mail For 2024


Back in the 1980s, collecting stickers was a big deal. I actually had a “sticker book” with assorted pages for glitter stickers, smelly stickers (yes, the stickers were actually “scratch and sniff”), and then there was Garbage Pail stickers! Lisa Frank stickers were a hot commodity, and even today finding vintage Lisa Frank accessories is like finding a gold mine. But there was no such thing as “free stickers” back then. You either bought sheets of them and then traded with friends. 

As all fads come back around, the sticker craze has once again taken the world by storm, captivating people of all ages and backgrounds with its irresistible allure. From laptops to water bottles, notebooks to phone cases, it seems that no surface is safe from the sticker phenomenon. These colorful, expressive decals have become a powerful form of self-expression, enabling individuals to showcase their personalities, interests, and affiliations in a tangible and eye-catching way. And stickers nowadays are bigger and much heavier duty, usually made of vinyl, and some stickers are even dishwasher friendly!

Stickers books may no longer be a thing, but people are going crazy for stickers. My husband likes to adorn various objects around our shed with outdoorsy stickers, and his son decorated his desk with skateboarding stickers. And after our trip to Breckenridge where I got some cool stickers from Luigi’s Pizzeria, I’m thinking of starting to collect stickers as well. I’m just not sure where I’ll display them yet! 

But what’s even more enticing than the stickers themselves is the prospect of acquiring them for free. We will tell you how to build your own sticker collection without spending a dime. So, whether you’re a seasoned sticker enthusiast or a curious newcomer, prepare to embark on a journey into the world of stickers and discover how to snag some free stickers for yourself!

Request 100 Free Stickers Via Mail For 2024

The free stickers listed below are in alphabetical order and include what kind of company or organization or charity they are is listed in parenthesis (warning, some may be political in nature). All sticker requests are for the U.S. only unless otherwise noted. There is no charge to request any of the following free stickers, although a few may require you to pay a nominal shipping or handling fee or they may require that you send in a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) which are also noted. 

  1. Free #500Conversations Sticker from The Principal Center (for educators)
  2. Free 4-Foot Passing Bumper Sticker from MassBike
  3. Free 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline Stickers – There is Hope – These stickers are available from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and come in packs of 100. They are available in green, pink, and blue as well as in English and Spanish. Since mental health problems run deep in my family, I ordered these to share and put everywhere I can!
  4. Free A Man is Not a Financial Plan Bumper Sticker from Women’s Institute for Financial Education ( – Send SASE
  5. Free AFTCO Sticker Sheet (fishing clothing & supplies) – Send SASE
  6. Free Alzheimer’s Association Sticker
  7. Free American Farmland Trust Bumper Sticker (No Farms No Food)
  8. Free Annie’s Sticker (grocery products)
  9. Free Atoll Board Company’s Epic Paddle Board Sticker Pack – Add to cart and use promo code: FREESTICKERS at checkout. Shipping is Free!
  10. Free BackCountry Goat Sticker (outdoor gear & apparel)
  11. Free Biden-Harris Victory Sticker from Democratic Governors Association
  12. Free Bitcoin Sticker Pack – USA & Canada
  13. Free Bolla Sticker Pack (skateboarding, art, design, pop & street culture) – must pay shipping (shipping for me was $3.90)
  14. Free Bread For The World Sticker (we can end hunger) – this is not affiliate with Bread Pay
  15. Free Burton Stickers (snowboarding) – Send SASE
  16. Free CCS Stickers (skate and snow) – Send SASE
  17. Free Chaco Sticker (adventure footwear)
  18. Free Champlain College Stickers (college)
  19. Free Clean Drain Dry Pro-Ambassador Decal from Wildlife Forever
  20. Free Coast Guard Foundation Vessel Identification Decal
  21. Free Cotopaxi Llama Sticker (gear for good)
  22. Free Dallas Cannabis Company Stickers (self-explanatory)
  23. Free Digital Darts Sticker (Shopify store partner) – Send SASE (Australia only)
  24. Free Duke’s Mayo Window Cling (for restaurants)
  25. Free Duluth Pack Rep The Moose Sticker (backpacks)
  26. Free Efficiency Bitch Sticker from Two Sense Consulting (for strong women)
  27. Free EFSC Alumni Car Sticker (must be Titan alumni)
  28. Free End Corruption Sticker from Connecticut Inside Investigator (for Connecticut residents only)
  29. Free Equal Pay for Equal Work Sticker from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)
  30. Free Explore 131 North Decal Sticker & Postcard (corridor in Michigan)
  31. Free FCA22 Bumper Sticker (hockey)
  32. Free Freezer Labels and Stickers Sample Pack (for frozen products)
  33. Free Google Pay Stickers – These are obviously for businesses only that accept Google Pay as a payment option
  34. Free Grace Revolution Digital Church Car Decal & Fridge Magnet from Joseph Prince Ministries
  35. Free Happy Sloth Co Sticker Pack from FastAction
  36. Free Heart Health Sticker from Zoll Medical Corporation – Request 1-5.
  37. Free Hook & Tackle Stickers (fishing supplies) – Send SASE.
  38. Free Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Equality Sticker (self-explanatory)
  39. Free I Choose Hope Sticker from KTSY Uplifting Music (must reside in listening area of Idaho or Oregon)
  40. Free I Love Soil Sticker from Soil Science Society of America
  41. Free I Suck At Drawing Stickers (ISAD gear)
  42. Free Ice & Snow, Take It Slow Sticker from Darr Equipment Co.
  43. Free ILY I Love You Stickers (sticker project)
  44. Free Import Crate Sticker (must own show car & have 10K Instagram followers)
  45. Free Join The Charge Sticker from SMUD (zero carbon efforts)
  46. Free Keep America Bountiful Bumper Sticker from American Farmland Trust
  47. Free Keep Calm and Scuba Dive Jamaica Sticker – Send Email
  48. Free Lauren’s Promise Stickers (safe haven for sharing incidents of sexual assault, domestic violence, or stalking)
  49. Free LifeTalk Kids Radio Stickers (connecting you with Christ)
  50. Free Liquid Laundry Packet Safety Cling from the American Cleaning Institute (ACI)
  51. Free Livin Decal Sticker (reducing stigma against mental health)
  52. Free Look For Motorcycles Vehicle Magnet from Hardison & Cochran Attorneys at Law (North Carolina residents only)
  53. Free LOUDwomen Sticker (community of strong leaders)
  54. Free Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association Bumper Sticker – Louisiana residents only.
  55. Free Marsh Wear Stickers (saltwater fishing apparel) – Send SASE
  56. Free Meat Safety Magnet from USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service – Send Email
  57. Free Merrell Sticker (footwear)
  58. Free Milk Aide Magnet from USDA Team Nutrition (limit 5)
  59. Free MoneyMike85 Stickers (TikTok influencer)
  60. Free Moose Tracks Sticker (ice cream)
  61. Free Moosejaw Stickers (outdoor gear)
  62. Free MoveOn Stickers – Current choices include: “Pro-Science, Pro-Health, ProVaccine Sticker”, “F the Fees Sticker”, “Climate Action Now Sticker”, “Disqualify Trump Sticker”, and/or “Support Your Local Librarians Sticker”. Choices may change, and each may only be available for a limited time only. 
  63. Free Ninja Transfers Premium DTF Transfer Sample Pack – this is a “just pay shipping” offer.
  64. Free Pelican Coast Clothing Company Sticker (your choice) from Gratzi Stickers
  65. Free PETA Kids Stickers (animal friendly) – Available to US, Canada & India.
  66. Free Pickleball Y’all Sticker (pickleball store)
  67. Free Race Pro Weekly Sticker (racing) – Send Email
  68. Free Republican Gas Sticker from WinRed
  69. Free Roxbox Sticker (entertainment)
  70. Free Saucony Sticker (running shoes & apparel)
  71. Free Sea Turtles Bumper Sticker from Santee Cooper
  72. Free Shake & Fold Stickers (save paper towels) – Send SASE
  73. Free Simple Machine Designs Sticker (WordPress web design & development)
  74. Free Simply Southern Stickers (apparel brand) – Send SASE
  75. Free Skip The Straw Decal from That’s So Tampa
  76. Free Slow Down, Save Lives Bumper Sticker from Hupy and Abraham person injury lawyers (Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa residents only)
  77. Free Southern Marsh Collection Sticker (your choice) from Gratzi Stickers
  78. Free Southside Strong Sticker from Southside Behavioral Health Administration
  79. Free Sperry Sticker Pack (footwear)
  80. Free StickerYou Catalog – contains sample pack of stickers
  81. Free Still Serving Decal from Veterans of Foreign Wars – intended for military and veterans.
  82. Free Stop Bigotry Sticker from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)
  83. Free Strong Women Uplift Women Sticker from The Adventure Project
  84. Free Swell Vision Sticker (sustainable life brand)
  85. Free System76 Stickers (computers & accessories) –  Send SASE (at least 3.5×5″ to prevent folding) to your local address (International addresses listed).
  86. Free Tamba Stickers (Kauai + surf + culture)
  87. Free Telluride Sticker (ski resort)
  88. Free Texas Oil And Natural Gas Bumper Sticker (show your Texas pride)
  89. Free Thank FDR for Social Security Sticker from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)
  90. Free Valvoline Sticker Two Pack – Register on site and then click “Rewards” to redeem points for signing up.
  91. Free Veritas Stickers (Baptist college)
  92. Free Vinyl Disorder Stickers (custom stickers)
  93. Free Water is a Human Right Bumper Sticker for People’s Water Board supporters
  94. Free We Are Undeniable Sticker from United We Dream (immigrant youth)
  95. Free Weaver Leather Stickers (equine gear)
  96. Free Weaver Livestock Stickers (leather & nylon goods for livestock)
  97. Free Whimsical Wolf Sticker (fashion inspired by the spiritual nature of the wolf)
  98. Free Window Safety Cling Sticker from Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital (request 2-5)
  99. Free Wolverine Stickers (work boots, shoes & clothing)
  100. Free YCOD Sticker or Pin (Youth Coalition for Organ Donation)
  101. Free Yeti Sticker Pack – must register Yeti product.
  102. Free You Are Beautiful Stickers (because everyone is beautiful in their own way) – Send SASE for 5 free stickers
  103. Free Zumiez Stickers (skateboarding)- Send SASE or visit store location

Click on the link(s) above of which stickers you’d like to request and fill out the appropriate form to submit your name and mailing address to request the free sticker to be sent directly to your mailbox. Or follow the directions to send in a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please request only those free stickers that you are truly interested in as companies may stop offering free stickers if too many people request them and don’t actually ever order anything from them.

Please contact us if you encounter any expired links or have any new free sticker links for us to add. If you are an online merchant that offers a free sticker, please contact us to add your sticker offer and remove your offer.

Request 100 Free Stickers Via Mail For 2024

If you are looking for more stickers, there are a few ways to go about requesting them. One way is to contact the company directly that you are interested in and ask if they offer free stickers. Another way is to search for “free stickers” online via the search engines.

To receive more “good mail” (aka no bills or junk mail), you can request free catalogs.

Cheap Stickers

cheap stickers

Want to save time and energy requesting all those stickers above? It may be cheaper (and less time-consuming) to buy stickers from Temu as you can get 100 for less than $2 shipped in about every category you can think of from sports to rubber ducks to Care Bears to sneakers to aliens to whiskey to food, and the lists go on and on. I actually bought some for our liquidation boutique for customers to decorate their clear handbags to take to sporting events and concerts. Temu offers free shipping, and the orders arrive fast (usually within one week). 

Free Stickers FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Where can I get free stickers by mail?

If you are reading this right now, you are in the right place! Scroll back up and start clicking on the links and filling out the forms to request your stickers to be mailed to you.

Old car covered with a variety of free stickers
KEY WEST, FLORIDA – OCTOBER 8: Old car covered with a variety of stickers at Bo’s Fish Wagon restaurant in Key West, Florida, USA

Where can I get free bumper stickers?

Many of the above free sticker offers are actually bumper stickers. And since most stickers are now made with vinyl waterproof vinyl, you probably can use any of them on your vehicle. 

How many stickers can I request?

You can request as many stickers as you’d like, although we recommend that you request ones that you actually want and will use to not waste the company or organization’s resources.

How long does it take to receive the free stickers?

The timeframe for receiving free stickers can vary based on the company you’ve contacted; some may send them out in a matter of days or weeks, while others only mail out quarterly.

Free Stickers

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