Macy's salvage Christmas items on display at Macy's liquidation store

Save 90% At Macy’s Liquidation Stores Near You


What if I told you all of the Christmas items shown above were only $5 each? This is 75%-90% off of Macy’s retail prices. After reading this blog post, you are going to want to go find a Macy’s liquidation store near you to get similar deals!

Many of you long time readers will know that I started my liquidation business by buying Target liquidation pallets. I’ve since then bought truckloads of pallets from dozens of other big box stores including Bed Bath & Beyond liquidation and Nordstrom Rack liquidation

When I got the opportunity to buy a Macy’s liquidation truckload of winter holiday merchandise for 95% off retail, I jumped at the chance. With six weeks left until Christmas, this makes for some great inventory for my liquidation boutique that I can sell to my customers for 75-90% off retail prices! This is also why all of my photo examples are of Christmas items. 

So how can you find a Macy’s liquidation store near you? Keep reading, I’ll tell you exactly where there is one near you anywhere in the United States. 

How To Tell What Are Macy’s Liquidation Items

Before I tell you where to find a Macy’s liquidation store near you, here are some tips on how to spot Macy’s salvage items. There are a few ways to tell if the items being sold are Macy’s salvage items: either by their stickers, tags, and/or by their brand names.

Macy’s Salvage Stickers

Macy's Salvage Sticker

These labels are roughly XX in size and contain the abbreviation “SAL” which is short for “salvage” and “MCY” which is short for “Macy’s”. “BOL” stands for “Bill of Lading” which a document that serves as proof of the shipment of goods between two parties. This basically means nothing to the end-consumer, but it is helpful for all the companies, warehouses, freight companies, brokers and resellers involved in the transaction. 

Macy's Salvage Sticker

The labels also include a short description of the item as well as the UPC (universal product code) of that item. This is nice if the items are inside of a box (and some liquidation stores do not let you open the boxes). In the photo above, we know that the item inside the box is a “Christmas tree”. And if you google the UPC number “6941327108601”, you’ll find out that it is a Glitzhome 6 foot Pre-Lit Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 350 LED lights and remote control. 

Macy’s Clearance Sticker Price Tags

Macy's clearance price tag sticker on Christmas item

If you see any price tags that resemble the examples above or below, chance are high that they are indeed authentic Macy’s items. 

Macy's clearance sticker

The Macy’s clearance stickers are red and white striped with the words “Last Act!” with the original price, the deal price, and percentage of the amount you are saving. 

Macy’s Damage Tags

Damage tags will state the reason why the item is considered “damaged”. I have found that most of the time, the only damage is often on the packaging. Most people don’t care if the box is ripped, bent, or has a hole in it, but stores do not want to display those boxes, thus they become salvage.

Macy's Damage Tag

You should also take the damaged reason with a grain of salt. For instance, the tag above says “Used/Worn”. The items was a Christmas wreath, so it definitely wasn’t “worn”, and if it had been used previously, it didn’t look it. Chances are that someone bought it to display over the Christmas season and returned it instead of storing it. 

macys damage tags

Here are examples of two more Macy’s damage tags with the reasons being damaged as “broken/torn” and “missing part”. The angel was easily fixable by gluing her halo back on, and the mug set was missing a mug. We sold each for only $5.00 each which customers thought was a steal. 

Macy’s Non-Congruent Tags

Here is the last example of another tag. A “non-congruent” tag prints out at the register when someone returns something to a Macy’s store that they may have gotten online at, at another store, or as a gift.

non-congruent slip

Being non-congruent tells the sales clerk or cashier that this particular Macy’s store (in Chesterfield, Maryland) does not sell this item, but they can apply a “50% Off One Of A Kind” sticker to resell the item at a discount. 

In this case, I’m guessing the sales clerk or cashier didn’t understand and simply put the item with the damaged tagged items. Because if it had really been for sale, they would have removed the non-congruent tag and applied the correct sticker (and probably sold). 

If you do see this non-congruent tag, I recommend you inspect the item because you don’t know why the item was returned. 

Macy’s Private-Label Brands

Most likely you will know if the liquidation items are from Macy’s if the items are one of Macy’s private brand portfolio (also known as “signature brands” or “owned brands”). Macy’s private brands (and their category of items) include:

  • Alfani – women’s & men’s apparel & shoes
  • And Now This – women’s apparel
  • Bar III – women’s apparel & shoes
  • Charter Club – women’s apparel & jewelry & bedding
  • Club Room – men’s apparel
  • Epic Threads – children’s apparel
  • Family PJs – women’s apparel
  • First Impressions – children’s apparel
  • Giani Bernini – handbags
  • Holiday Lane – Christmas decor & jewelry
  • Hotel Collection – bedding
  • Ideology – women’s & children’s apparel
  • INC – women’s & men’s apparel & accessories
  • Jenni – women’s apparel
  • JM Collection – women’s apparel
  • Karen Scott – women’s apparel & shoes
  • Oake – home goods
  • Style & Co – women’s apparel & shoes
  • Sun + Stone – men’s apparel & shoes
  • The Cellar – kitchen & dinnerware
  • Tools of the Trade – kitchen & cookware

Macy’s Exclusive Celebrity Collections

Macy’s has partnered with several celebrities over the year on lines exclusively made for Macy’s, so you will/would only find these collections for sale in Macy’s stores, on Macy’s online and eventually in Macy’s liquidation stores.

  • Kelly Ripa home collection – talk show host
  • Martha Stewart home collection – everyone knows Martha
  • Molly Yeh kitchenware collection – Celebrity Chef
  • Nicole Williams English x bar III collection – Model and Celebrity Designer
  • Royalty By Maluma collection – Colombian singer (Macy’s first collaboration with a Latin male)

Many of the collections above have been discontinued so may be more collectible.  Sometimes discontinued merchandise sits in warehouses for a couple of years, so may not show up for sale at liquidation stores until a few years later.  In the Macy’s load that I received, many of the Pfaltzgraff Winterberry dinnerware and Lenox nativity sets were discontinued. Therefore, these items were selling for more than retail on various marketplace platforms to customers looking to complete their collections. 

Macy’s partners with several recognized name brands as well, and those partners will collaborate with Macy’s to make exclusive items only sold at Macy’s which makes the items more appealing. These items are denoted on their website as “Created for Macy’s”. Here are some of the designer and luxury brand names that have exclusive items sold only at Macy’s:

  • Alfani
  • BCBGeneration
  • Berkshire
  • Clinique
  • Corningware
  • DIOR
  • Estee Lauder
  • Jean Paul Gaultier
  • Karen Scott
  • MAC
  • Mugler
  • Napco
  • Nina Parker
  • Pyrex
  • StriVectin

List of Macy’s Liquidation Stores By City/State

Search for a liquidation store or bin store near you. Please note that these stores may also carry liquidation items from other retail sources such as Target salvage, Costco liquidation, Walmart salvage, &/or Amazon salvage. You can search by state, city, or name of the store. Click on the store name for a link to their website or Facebook page for hours and specials.

We are continually adding new liquidation stores as we find them. If we are missing one that you know and love, please click here to add a new liquidation, salvage or bin store.  Abd if you’re looking to buy your own Macy’s salvage pallets, enter your email address below for a free liquidation guide with our compliments.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

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