Finance Your Dream Vacation With Uplift Travel Loans

Finance Your Dream Vacation With Uplift Travel Loans


You’ve likely heard of buy now pay later options for retail stores, but did you know it’s also available for traveling? Planning a vacation can be expensive, but with Uplift travel loans, you can take your dream trip without breaking the bank. Uplift is a travel financing company that allows you to put your trip on a payment plan so you can pay for it over time.

About Uplift

Uplift is a company that helps alleviate financial stressors so you can focus on the incredible. Their payment plans are uncomplicated and free of debt traps or compound interest. If life throws you a curveball and your finances need to adjust, they’ve got your back with flexible payments.

At Uplift, they have flexible payment plans to suit any budget, and their caring customer service team is available 24/7. Their terms are simple and straightforward, with no hidden costs. You can make your purchase now and pay later without worry.

How Does Uplift It Work?

With an Uplift travel loan, you can book a dream beach vacation, a tall ship cruise or even a trip to Disney, and choose to pay for it over time. You may need to provide a deposit at the time of booking, and then you can make monthly payments leading up to your trip. There are no hidden fees – you’ll just pay the advertised price of your trip plus interest at the APR rate you qualified for.

Is Uplift Worth It?

Uplift travel loans are a great way to finance your dream vacation without going into debt. With no hidden fees, you’ll know exactly how much your trip will cost from the start. And, since you can spread out your payments over time, it’s easy to budget for your trip.

Travel Sites That Use Uplift

What travel sites use Uplift, you ask? Here is a full list of Uplift travel partners that we recommend. Select “Uplift Pay Monthly” when you checkout to finance your trip. 

Air Canada Canada’s Largest Airline & Flag Carrier
American Queen Voyages River, Lake & Ocean Cruises
Apple Vacations Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii Vacation Packages
Atlantis Bahamas Vacation Resort
Avoya Travel Stress Free Vacation Planning
Cheap Caribbean Caribbean & Mexico Vacation Packages
Contiki Group Travel & Adventure Vacations
Cruise Direct Discount Cruises with No Booking Fees
Flowwall Garage Storage & Organization Solutions
Funjet Vacations Packages to Mexico, The Caribbean & More
Hawaiian Airlines Flights to Hawaii, Plane Tickets & Airfare
Hurtigruten Antarctica & Arctic Expeditions | Norway Coastal Cruises
Insight Vacations Premium Guided Tours
Lufthansa 2nd Largest European Airline & Germany’s Flag Carrier
MSC Cruises Italian Global Cruise Line
RST Brands High-Quality Outdoor, Patio & Indoor Furniture Sets
Scholar Trip Discounted Flights for Students
SeaWorld Vacation Packages
Southwest Vacations Official Vacation Packages of Southwest Airlines
The Five Hotels Hotels and Restaurants in the Riviera Maya
The Villa Group Mexico All Inclusive Resorts & Luxury Suites
Trafalgar Tour Packages & Vacations
United Vacations Vacation Packages from United Airlines
Uniworld World’s Most Renowned River Cruise Line Las Vegas Official Site

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And if you’re still deciding on what island to visit in Hawaii, read this article about the differences of Maui vs Kauai.

More Uplift Travel Sites

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Allegiant
  • American Airlines Vacations
  • Carnival
  • Expedia Cruises
  • Frontier
  • Spirit
  • Universal 

Uplift FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Uplift travel financing. 

Q: How much does it cost to use Uplift?

A: There are no late fees or pre-payment penalty charges. APRs may range from 0% to 36% and are based on several elements such as your credit information, past loan activity, purchase specifics, etc. All loans are fixed-rate and not variable.

Q: How long do I have to pay off my vacation?

A: You can choose to pay off your trip in full before you travel, or you can make monthly payments leading up to your trip.

Q: Do I need to have good credit to use Uplift Travel?

A: No – Uplift Travel is available to everyone, regardless of credit score. You can use Uplift whether you have bad credit, good credit or no credit at all.

Q: How do I book a vacation with Uplift?

A: You can book your trip online or over the phone. Once you’ve chosen your destination and travel dates, you’ll just need to provide a deposit at the time of booking.

Q: What are Uplift’s travel loan rates?

A: Uplift doesn’t charge hidden fees, so you’ll just pay the advertised price of your trip plus your agreed upon interest rate.

Q: What credit score do you need to use Uplift?

A: To finance your vacation with Uplift, you will need to have a credit score of at least 550. You can check your credit score totally free at Credit Karma (no credit card required). 

Q: Can I use Uplift to finance airfare?

A: Yes – you can use Uplift to finance any travel expenses, including airfare, hotels, and tour packages.

Q: What is the minimum amount I can finance with Uplift?

A: The minimum amount you can finance with Uplift is $500.

Q: What is the maximum amount I can finance with Uplift?

A: The maximum amount you can finance with Uplift is $5,000.

Q: Can I finance my entire vacation with Uplift?

A: Yes – you can use Uplift to finance your entire vacation, from airfare to hotels to tour packages.

Q: How do I apply to pay with Uplift?

Shop for your desired items, whether it be flights to Santa Fe for vacation or romantic getaways in Idaho, and add them to the cart as normal. At checkout, select Uplift as your payment method. You will need to provide some essential information like your mobile number, date of birth, and if you’re a US resident, your Social Security Number. If approved, finish checking out!

Q: What if I need to cancel my trip?

A: You must contact the travel provider to cancel any arrangements. If the travel company policies enable a refund, we will update your account after they have processed the cancellation entirely. Even if you are ineligible for a refund from the travel agency, though, you are still obligated to pay off the remainder of what you owe; furthermore, your monthly payments remain unaltered until your balance is paid in full.

Q: Which travel websites support Uplift?

A: Uplift currently works with Expedia, Priceline, and More.

Q: Do I need to make a down payment?

A: In some cases, you may need to provide a deposit at the time of booking. The amount of your deposit may also depend on the total cost of your trip.

Q: How long does it take to approve my Uplift loan?

A: Once you input a few personal details and submit the application, an approval decision is given within seconds.

Q: How do I make my payments?

A: You can make your payments online or over the phone.

Q: When are my payments due?

A: Your payments are due monthly, leading up to your trip.

Q: How do I contact Uplift customer service?

A: You can reach Uplift customer service by phone at 844-257-5400 or by email at Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Q: What happens if I can’t make a payment?

A: Uplift knows that life can sometimes take undesirable turns. If you finds yourself unable to make a payment, please give their customer service team a call at (844) 257-5400 so they can further discuss your options with you. They are sympathetic to these types of situations and want to help in whatever way possible.

Q: Is Uplift the same as Affirm?

A: Although both Uplift and Affirm offer loans specifically for travel purposes, they differ in a few key ways. For one, Affirm has partnerships with companies outside of the travel industry while Uplift focuses exclusively on providing point-of-sale loans to its 200+ travel partners. Plus, the average annual interest rate (APR) for Uplift is 7-36%, with most users paying an APR of 15%. For Affirm, the APR is 10-30% and averaging 17%. In contrast, the average interest rate on credit card, according to is 17.3%.

Q: Can I use Uplift with a travel agent?

A: Yes as long at the travel agent is registered and certified with Uplift and has the Uplift agent tool integrated into their MTravel booking process. The portal allows travel agents to estimate monthly payment costs for their clients during the travel sales process. 


If you’re dreaming of taking a vacation but don’t have the cash on hand to pay for it all at once, consider using Uplift travel loans to finance your trip. Uplift travel financing makes it easy and affordable to take your dream vacation without going into debt. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip today! Once your trip is booked, read these tips on how to manage your money while traveling. 

Finance Your Dream Vacation With Uplift Travel Loans

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