5 Ways To Save Money On Gas

6 Ways To Save Money On Gas


There are plenty of truths and myths regarding how to save money on gas. As prices only get higher, many people are wondering exactly how they can save money without walking, taking public transportation, or riding a bicycle.

6 Ways To Save Money On Gas

1. Slow Down

One of the quickest (and slowest) ways to save is by slowing down. The faster you go, the greater your fuel usage. If you must drive at speeds above 50 miles per hour, try using your cruise control rather than your foot to control the gas pedal. The cruise control will maintain a constant speed and consistent supply of gasoline to your vehicle without unnecessary “lead foot syndrome.”

2. Avoid Idling

Car idling decreases your gas mileage and fuel efficiency by up to 100 percent. When you idle at a traffic light, in a traffic jam, in a drive-through, or even in your own driveway, you’re getting zero miles to the gallon. This is perhaps the most senseless way we waste gasoline.

3. Lose Weight

Dropping extra weight in your car can result in modest fuel savings. This translates into extra passengers and additional items in the cargo space. For every 100 pounds of extra weight that you carry in your vehicle, you lose approximately 2 percent efficiency on your fuel mileage.

4. Roll Up the Windows

Another tip is to roll your windows up. When you roll them down, the wind adds drag on your vehicle, which interferes with your car’s aerodynamics and acts as additional weight in the car. You also need to avoid turning on the air conditioner, though. These add an extra loan on your crankshaft, requiring more fuel and decreasing your gas mileage.

If you must use the air conditioner, consider investing in a hybrid vehicle. Air conditioners in hybrid vehicles do not require an extra load on the crankshaft, thus allowing you to drive with both the windows up and with the air conditioner on without negatively affecting your fuel economy.

5. Check Tire Pressure

The final way to improve your fuel economy is by maintaining proper tire pressure. It is estimated that for every one pound of pressure, your tires are low on, you can lose up to 2 percent on gas mileage. Keep a tire pressure gauge handy at all times and check your pressure regularly.

Air is usually 25 cents or less at gas stations and at rest stops, so there is no excuse for having uneven pressure. While you’re at it, make sure you rotate your tires at each oil change and maintain proper wheel alignment.

6. Use Gas App

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6 Ways To Save Money On Gas