5 Ways that Help You to Earn Money on Writing Online

5 Ways That Help You Earn Money Writing Online


Would you like to monetize your passion for writing, generate income, and build a profitable online business to earn money writing online?

These ideas we share below can be handy if you start exploring them immediately to get more out of your talent and passion for writing and turn it into a very profitable business.

1. Create your website 

The first way to make money writing and monetize your passion is through a niche website or blog

This website allows you to write and reach many people by sharing your writing, whether on a topic such as finance, business, fitness lifestyle, healthy lifestyle, love for pets, or passion for fashion. A website allows you to not only monetize your passion for writing, but it will enable you to reflect and showcase other interests you have around a topic or niche market. 

When you have a website, many monetization possibilities open up, for example, through advertising, getting paid for writing articles, affiliate marketing, selling your products, and offering advisory or consulting services, among other things. 

2. Develop info-products like eBooks

The second way to make money writing is to create digital books or e-books and sell them online. 

What does this consist of? Today, thanks to platforms like Amazon, you can write a book and sell it online directly to consumers or through platforms like Amazon that give you access to millions of people around the world. 

Basically, unlike physical books that continue to have a great reception worldwide, digital books can quickly be sent anywhere in the world to anyone with a mobile device.  You can reach many people through words, generating an impact and good income. 

3. Work as a freelance writer

The third way you have to generate income writing or monetizing this passion for writing is to work as a freelance or freelancer on platforms that connect you with people interested in hiring your services as a writer. 

If you lack experience, you can write custom papers for free or for a minimal fee. The demand for such orders is high, and you can always find requests from students like ” Where can I find an author to help write my essay for me for free?” and similar. 

The different companies or people who today are looking to generate content for their websites need articles to position themselves organically. If you have the ability and basic knowledge in SEO, you can offer those services so that people hire you and pay you for several words.

4. Offer your services as a copywriter

This is another very profitable option to generate income by writing, which consists of being a copywriter. This is considered the future profession since it consists of creating content to generate sales. 

Unlike freelance, when you work creating content for brands, the copywriter focuses on creating content specifically to increase sales and encourage business sales.

The task is to create those copies that invite people and persuade them to buy products or services, so it is a profession of the future that today has excellent profitability due to the internet boom and the massification of digital products.

5. Make money as a ghostwriter

Being a ghostwriter is very similar to working as a freelancer creating content. The difference is that here, your name does not appear. You get paid for creating content that will indeed be signed by other people as if they were the authors.

You will be paid for creating content on a specific topic, usually articles for websites. They even pay to create complete e-books of 10,000 words or more.


You should find the one you feel most identified with of these five methods. You must have a business vision that allows you to monetize and create a sustainable business over time

In the case of freelancers, for example, and ghostwriters, they depend on a third party to generate income. At the same time, if you have your product, such as an e-book or your niche website, you can build a business with multiple sources of income.

You can try the other methods that also work very well, generating income on the internet differently, where you don’t depend on being in a fixed place to generate income.

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