Free Fabric Samples

Free Fabric Samples: 100+ Stores That Send You Free Fabric


In the realm of interior design, fashion, and custom-made furnishings, the significance of free fabric samples cannot be overstated. These small pieces of fabric are key in making informed decisions for various projects, from revamping your living room furniture to creating a custom wardrobe piece. This article delves into the reasons why one should consider requesting free fabric samples for furniture, curtains, bedding, and clothing, where to find these samples, and creative ways to repurpose them.

Why Request Free Fabric Samples

This section explores the multitude of reasons why requesting free fabric samples, also known as free fabric swatches, is a smart and essential step, whether you’re selecting materials for furniture, curtains, bedding, or custom clothing, ensuring that your choices perfectly align with your design vision and functional needs.

For Furniture

When it comes to furniture, fabric samples help in visualizing how the material complements your existing décor. They are essential for assessing the texture, durability, and comfort of the fabric. Additionally, they allow you to see how the fabric looks under the lighting conditions in your home, preventing any unpleasant surprises post-purchase.

For Curtains

Fabric samples for curtains offer insights into how different materials drape and affect the room’s lighting. They are crucial for ensuring the colors and patterns harmonize with your room’s aesthetic, creating the desired ambiance and functional use, whether it’s light filtering or privacy.

For Bedding

With bedding, comfort is paramount. Free fabric samples allow you to feel the material, ensuring it’s gentle on your skin and meets your comfort needs. Quality and breathability are key factors in ensuring a good night’s sleep, and samples help in making the right choice.

For Clothing

In custom clothing, fabric samples are invaluable for understanding how a fabric will look and feel when worn. They help in gauging the weight, stretch, and fall of the material, which are essential aspects in tailoring.

For example, if you’re getting a bespoke suit, fabric samples for different types of wool, linen, or blends allow you to feel the texture against your skin, see how the fabric hangs, and observe its color in various lighting conditions. This ensures that the final garment not only fits perfectly but also meets your expectations in terms of look and feel.

Similarly, for a custom-made dress, particularly for special occasions like weddings or formal events, fabric samples help in choosing the right material, be it silk, satin, or chiffon. These samples can give a clear idea of how the fabric will move, its sheen, and how it will complement your design vision for the dress.

Where to Request Free Fabric Samples

Many retailers and manufacturers understand the importance of fabric samples and offer them for free.

Where to Request Free Fabric Samples

100+ Stores That Send You Free Fabric

You can request samples from all of the following online retailers. Links are alphabetized, but our recommended* favorites are bolded. Most are US only, unless specified.

  1. 7th Avenue
  2. Ada & Ina – request up to 5 samples (UK/Europe)
  3. Albany Park – request up to 4 free fabric samples – Albany Park offers financing through Affirm to order now and pay later. 
  4. Allform – request fabric or leather samples
  5. Apt2B – request up to 10 free fabric samples
  6. Arlo&Jacob – request up to 6 fabric samples
  7. Another Country
  8. BackSide Fabrics
  9. Barn & Willow
  10. Barnett Home Decor
  11. Bassett 
  12. Bemz – request up to 10 free fabric samples
  13. Birch Lane – click on upholstered furniture items to see if a link for “Order Free Samples” is available
  14. Birdy Grey – request 3 free bridesmaid dress swatches
  15. BoConcept
  16. Boll & Branch
  17. Calico 
  18. Case Furniture
  19. Castlery
  20. CB2
  21. Civil
  22. Coley Home – request up to 6 fabric samples – all of Coley Home merchandise is made in the USA
  23. Concelli Decor
  24. Couch Potatoes
  25. Cover My Furniture – request up to 5 fabric samples
  26. Crate&Barrel
  27. Darlings of Chelsea – request up to 8 swatches (UK only)
  28. Designer Joi  
  29. Discounted Designer Fabrics
  30. DreamState
  31. Dress & Charm – request up to 10 fabric samples
  32. Dunelm (UK)
  33. Fashion Window Treatments – maximum 10 swatches
  34. Feather&Black – click on item to request free samples for that product (may be UK only)
  35. Fabric Sight 
  36. FlexSteel – request up to 10 swatches
  37. Frontgate – request free outdoor fabric swatches
  38. Funki Fabrics – request a maximum of 5 fabric samples
  39. Generation Tux 
  40. Georgia Expo
  41. Grace Richey Clarke – request up to 5 colors
  42. Half Price Drapes – request up to 5 fabric samples
  43. Helmii
  44. Homelab Fabric
  45. Hopland Fabrics
  46. Inside Weather – request up to 10 fabric samples
  47. Interior Define
  48. Joybird
  49. Kennedy Blue 
  50. Kokka Fabrics – request up to 5 samples ($2 s/h)
  51. La-Z-Boy – request up to 3 fabric or later samples
  52. Levity – request up to 5 fabric samples – Levity offers financing through Afterpay and Klarna
  53. Liz and Roo
  54. Lovesac – request up to 5 fabric samples
  55. Loft Curtains
  56. Maker&Son – request up to 8 fabric samples
  57. Masters of Covers – request up to 5 free samples
  58. McGee & Co.– request up to 10 upholstery swatches
  59. Modern Fabrics
  60. Mulberry Park Silks
  61. Naomi Nomi – request a free fabric swatch card
  62. Nicola Harding – request up to 6 swatches (UK only)
  63. New Tess
  64. Nuture& – request fabric samples of all of their colors
  65. One Kings Lane – request a maximum of 3 fabric samples – One Kings Lane offers financing through Citizens Pay and sends out free catalogs
  66. Outer – request certain colors or all color fabric samples
  67. Peach Skin Sheets – request free samples of their signature fabric in 32 different colors – PeachSkinSheets also offers a military discount for active military and veterans 
  68. Pottery Barn – request up to 12 swatches
  69. Pottery Barn Kids – request up to 15 swatches
  70. Pottery Barn Teen – request up to 15 swatches
  71. Pretty Windows
  72. Pure Parima – request free fabric samples and free catalogs
  73. Rejuvenation
  74. RobeMart 
  75. Room&Board
  76. Rove Concepts – request up to 12 swatches for free – US customers can finance through Klarna, while Canadian customers can finance through Paybright.  
  77. Serena by Olutron – request up to 10 free samples for smart shades
  78. SixPenny – request up to 12 swatches for free ($2 a piece after that)
  79. Slipcover Shop
  80. Sloan & Sons
  81. Smith&Noble – request up to 30 swatches + free shipping
  82. Snug Interiors
  83. – request up to 6 fabric samples (UK/Ireland only)
  84. Sofas & Stuff
  85. Sofas&Sectionals
  86. Splash Fabric
  87. Stylnn Furniture
  88. SuitShop – request suit fabric swatches
  89. Sun Haven – request a complimentary wicker or fabric sample
  90. Sweetpea & Willow – request up to 6 free swatches
  91. Swyft
  92. The Orchard (UK)
  93. The Inside – request 5 free fabric samples with Code: 5FREESWATCHES
  94. Threads by Sole
  95. TwoPages – request up to 5 swatches and just pay shipping 
  96. Ultimate Sack
  97. Vetsak
  98. Voyage Maison – free wallpaper & fabric samples
  99. Weather Wool – request free fabric samples
  100. West Elm
  101. White Lotus Home – request free fiber and fabric samples
  102. Wicker Living
  103. Williams Sonoma
  104. Zttex

*Our recommended favorite stores are the ones that pay us a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase through our links. This is called affiliate marketing. Click here to learn more.  

Additional Resources

  • Furniture Stores: Like IKEA, Pottery Barn, and West Elm, which often provide fabric swatches for their upholstery.
  • Fabric Retailers: Both online and physical stores often have swatch programs.
  • Home Decor Boutiques: Online shops often mail fabric samples for a small fee or sometimes free.
  • Clothing Fabric Stores: Especially useful for those looking into tailoring or custom clothing.
  • Trade Shows and Expos: These events are excellent for collecting a variety of fabric samples from different vendors.

DIY Uses for Free Fabric Samples

Free fabric samples offer a treasure trove of creative possibilities:

DIY Uses for Free Fabric Samples

Crafting Projects

Free fabric samples are a boon for crafting enthusiasts. They can be used in a myriad of creative projects. For instance, scrapbookers can use these samples to add texture and patterns to their pages, bringing a unique tactile element to their memories. Those into quilting can incorporate different swatches into their designs, creating a patchwork of textures and colors that’s both visually appealing and personally meaningful. Additionally, these small pieces of fabric are ideal for making bespoke accessories like hair ties, brooches, or even small pouches, adding a personalized touch to everyday items.

Home Decor

In the realm of home décor, fabric samples offer a wealth of possibilities. One can create color swatch boards, which are not only functional in planning room designs but can also become an artistic wall display. Coasters made from sturdier fabric samples can add a unique and personal touch to your living space. Another creative use is crafting small patchwork cushions or pillow covers, which can be a charming addition to any room, offering a splash of color and a story to tell.

Educational Tools

Fabric samples can also be transformed into valuable educational tools, especially for children. Their varied textures, colors, and patterns make them excellent resources for sensory play, which is crucial in the development of tactile senses in young children. They can also be used in teaching about different types of fabrics and colors, or even in simple, fun crafting projects that encourage creativity and fine motor skill development in kids.

Each of these uses not only extends the life of the fabric samples but also adds a layer of personal creativity and sustainability to your projects, making the most out of these small but versatile pieces.


Requesting free fabric samples is a practice rich in benefits. It allows for precise decision-making in purchasing and offers an avenue for creative expression in various DIY projects. By making the most of these free resources, you can ensure that your design choices are well-informed and your creative projects are unique and personal. So, whether you’re redecorating, sewing, or simply exploring your creative side, don’t overlook the power of a small swatch of fabric.