CVS Liquidation Store

Stock Up For Less At CVS Liquidation Stores


Have you ever heard of a CVS liquidation store? These stores provide customers with incredible deals on items ranging from food and household items to clothing, accessories, and more. But what exactly is a liquidation store, and how do you find one? Let’s take a closer look at these amazing discount stores.

What Are CVS Liquidation Stores?

CVS liquidation stores are retail outlets that sell closeout merchandise from the pharmacy chain CVS Health and other big name retailers. These stores primarily feature overstock, discontinued, and seasonal merchandise that is discounted up to 90% off the original retail price. The selection of items will vary depending on what is available in the warehouse, but they typically include food, beverages, health and beauty products, housewares, seasonal merchandise, and much more.

How To Tell What Are CVS Liquidation Items

Before I tell you where to find a CVS liquidation store near you, let me give you a few tips on how to spot CVS salvage items at a liquidation store near you.  There are two main ways to tell if the items being sold are CVS salvage items: either by their clearance stickers attached or their brand name.

CVS Private-Label Brands

cvs brands Most likely you will know if the liquidation items are from CVS if the items are one of their  signature brands (also known as “private labels” or “owned brands”). CVS brands (and their category of items) include:

  • Abound by Gold Emblem (healthy snacks)
  • Beauty 360 (beauty & personal products)
  • Caliber (paper products)
  • CVS Health (health & wellness products)
  • Gold Emblem (food products)
  • Goodline Grooming Co. (personal care)
  • Live Better by CVSHealth (wellness products)
  • Pet Central (pet products)
  • Poparazzi (beauty & bath for teens)
  • QSQ by Glamsquad (beauty products)
  • Total Home (household products)

CVS Clearance Stickers

CVS Clearance Stickers If you see clearance stickers like the above, most likely the item is a CVS liquidation product. While the clearance sticker doesn’t actually say “CVS”, it does include the name of the item, the original price, the clearance price, and the percentage amount that the discount amount is off of the original price. The sticker also shows that date that the items was clearanced out. 

Silgan boxes

silgan boxes If you see a lot of Silgan boxes like the ones shown above on pallets or being reused to hold merchandise for sale, chances are the items are CVS liquidation items as these are the boxes that CVS has used to send merchandise to resellers. These boxes are approximately 12″ x 15″ x 19″ in size. 

Where Can I Find a CVS Liquidation Store?

CVS liquidation stores can be found across the United States. Search for a liquidation store or bin store near you. Please note that these stores may also carry liquidation items from other retail sources such as Costco liquidation, Target salvage, Walmart liquidation, or Amazon warehouse items.

List of CVS Liquidation Stores By City/State

You can search by state, city, or name of the store. Click on the store name for a link to their website or Facebook page for hours and specials.

We are continually adding new stores as we find them. If we are missing one that you know and love, please click here to add a new liquidation, salvage or bin store. And if you’re looking to buy your own CVS liquidation pallets to flip for profit, enter your email address below for a free liquidation guide with our compliments.


CVS liquidation stores are a great way for savvy shoppers to get amazing deals on top-notch merchandise from one of the most trusted names in healthcare. With prices up to 90% off the original retail value and an ever-changing selection of products from all categories within CVS Health including food and beverage, health and beauty products, home goods and housewares, and more – there’s something for everyone! So if you are looking for fantastic deals on everyday essentials or unique finds – be sure to check out your local CVS Liquidation Store today!

Stock Up For Less At CVS Liquidation Stores