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65 Free Gardening Catalogs – Request Yours Today


Gardening is a journey of growth and discovery, and the right resources can make all the difference. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned green thumb, free gardening catalogs can be invaluable sources of inspiration, knowledge, and supplies.

Top 10 Free Gardening Catalogs

If you’re looking free seed catalogs, free nursery catalogs or free garden catalogs, we have got you covered! Here’s a list of the top ten recommended* free gardening and seed catalogs that cater to gardeners at every skill level.

1. Free Breck’s Catalog

FREE Breck's catalog

Breck’s is renowned for its impressive selection of high-quality bulbs, perennials, and garden accessories that are designed to inspire and enable gardeners to create breathtaking landscapes and colorful garden beds. Request a free catalog here

2. Free Burpee Gardening Catalog

Perfect for beginners, the Burpee catalog offers a wide range of seeds, plants, and gardening tools. Their easy-to-follow guides and extensive selection make starting a garden a breeze. Request a free catalog here

3. Free Gardener’s Supply Company Catalog

Free Gardener's Supply Company Catalog

This catalog is a treasure trove for both novice and experienced gardeners, featuring innovative gardening tools, planters, and soil health products, along with eco-friendly gardening solutions. Request a free catalog here

4. Free Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Catalog

Free Gurney's Seed & Nursery Catalog (garden seeds)

The Gurney’s catalog is a trusted companion for both novice and seasoned gardeners, featuring an extensive range of vegetable and flower seeds, fruit trees, and gardening supplies tailored to help achieve bountiful harvests and stunning garden displays. Request a free catalog here

5. Free Spring Hills Nurseries Catalog

Free Springhill Garden Catalog

This catalog is an inspiring resource for gardeners of all levels, offering a beautifully curated selection of perennials, bulbs, and shrubs, designed to help transform any garden into a vibrant oasis of color and life. Request a free catalog here

6. Free Territorial Seed Company Catalog

Request your 2024 Spring Catalog!

With a focus on quality and reliability, Territorial Seed Company offers a vast selection of seeds and plants, including many region-specific varieties, making it invaluable for gardeners looking to optimize their local growing conditions. Request a free catalog here

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7. Free Annie’s Heirloom Seeds Catalog

Free Annie's Heirloom Seeds Catalog

Annie’s Heirloom Seeds is family owned and operated is a treasure for gardeners seeking to grow with history. They offer a vast selection of heirloom vegetable and flower seeds that promise not only a bountiful garden but also a connection to gardening traditions of the past. Request a free catalog here

8. Free Johnny’s Selected Seeds Catalog

Free Johnny's Selected Seeds Catalog (garden seeds)

From vegetables and flowers to herbs and farm-specific plants, Johnny’s is comprehensive and particularly useful for organic gardeners and those interested in heirloom varieties. Request a free catalog here

9. Free Select Seeds Catalog

Free Select Seeds Catalog

Select Seeds offers an exquisite collection of heirloom, unusual annuals, and perennials flowers, along with a variety of herbs and vines. Add unique beauty and fragrance to your garden space by requesting this free catalog

10. Free Seed Savers Exchange Catalog

Focused on preserving plant diversity, this catalog is fantastic for gardeners interested in heirloom and rare seeds, offering a unique range of varieties along with the stories behind them. All seeds they sell are open-pollinated and non-GMO. Request a free catalog here

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65 Free Gardening Catalogs - Request Yours Today

More Free Gardening Catalogs

Here are additional free catalogs that not only offer gardening seeds and plants for sale but also garden equipment and decorations. We have the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of free gardening catalogs on the internet. 

  1. Free Baker Creek Rare Seeds Catalog
  2. Free Bluestone Perennials Catalog
  3. Free Burnt Ridge Nursery Catalog
  4. Free Burrell Seeds Catalog
  5. Free Botanical Interests Catalog
  6. Free Design Toscano Catalog
  7. Free Dixondale Farms Catalog
  8. Free Fedco Seeds Catalog
  9. Free Garden Artisans Catalog
  10. Free Garrett Wade Catalog
  11. Free GeoSeed Catalog
  12. Free Harris Seeds Catalog
  13. Free High Mowing Organic Seeds Catalog
  14. Free HPS Catalog
  15. Free Jackson & Perkins Catalog
  16. Free John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds
  17. Free Jung Seed Catalog
  18. Free K.van Bourgondien Catalog
  19. Free Logee’s Catalog
  20. Free Miles Kimball Catalog
  21. Free NeSeed Growers Catalog
  22. Free Park Seed Catalog
  23. Free Pinetree Garden Seeds Catalog
  24. Free Plow & Hearth Catalog
  25. Free Prairie Nursery Catalog
  26. Free Proven Winners Gardener’s Idea Book
  27. Free R.H. Shumway’s Catalog 
  28. Free Rare Seeds Catalog
  29. Free Richters Herb Catalogue
  30. Free Rohrer Seeds Catalog
  31. Free Rupp Seeds Catalog 
  32. Free Seeds from Italy Catalog
  33. Free Seeds ‘N Such Catalog
  34. Free Stokes Seeds Catalog
  35. Free Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Catalog
  36. Free Sow True Seed Catalog
  37. Free Wayside Gardens Catalog
  38. Free Whatever Works Catalog
  39. Free Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Catalog
  40. Free Sow True Seed Catalog
  41. Free Stokes Seeds Catalog
  42. Free Strictly Medicinal Seeds Catalog
  43. Free Totally Tomatoes Catalog
  44. Free Twilley Seeds Catalog
  45. Free Urban Farmer Catalog
  46. Free Van Engelen Catalog
  47. Free Vermont Bean Seed Company
  48. Free Veseys Catalogue
  49. Free Wayside Gardens Catalog
  50. Free West Coast Seeds Gardening Guide
  51. Free Whatever Works Catalog
  52. Free White Flower Farm Catalog
  53. Free Wild Garden Seed Catalog
  54. Free Willhite Seed Catalog
  55. Free Wood Prairie Catalog

Each of these free catalogs offers something unique for gardeners, from the basics of starting a garden to the nuances of specialized planting. They provide the tools, seeds, plants, and knowledge necessary to cultivate a thriving garden, no matter your level of expertise. With these catalogs in hand, gardeners can look forward to a fruitful and rewarding gardening experience.

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