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26 Sites To Request Free CBD Samples


In recent years, CBD (Cannabidiol) has surged in popularity, becoming a supplement for many seeking natural remedies for health concerns ranging from anxiety and pain to sleep disorders and inflammation. But with so many CBD products out there, it can be hard to know which one to pick. That’s why getting free CBD samples is a great way to try CBD without spending money on a full-sized product that might not work for you. You can try different kinds, like oils, gummies, or creams, to see what you like best and what helps you the most.

Plus, trying samples means you can find out which products taste good and are easy to use. So, if you’re new to CBD or just want to try something different, looking for free samples is a smart move. It’s like a test drive for CBD, helping you find just the right product for your needs without any guesswork.

Request Free CBD Samples

Below is a curated list of places offering free CBD samples for you to try. While the samples are totally free, some website ask that you just pay shipping. Please note that some websites require that you are at least 18 or 21 years of age to visit their sites. 

1. Calm By Wellness

Complete their survey to get a free CBD bottle of your choice. The survey takes about 3 minutes and no credit card info is needed! Plus free shipping and no trial offers – it’s absolutely free! Visit CalmByWellness now!

2. Cheef Botanicals

Get a  free bottle of 300 mg CBD oil ($24.95 retail). Add to cart and use Code: FREE300 at checkout to reduce price. Just pay $7.50 for shipping. Visit now!

3. Frugal Farmers

Choice of 100mg CBD 10mg THC gummy, D8 gummy and/or Full spectrum Tincture. Each additional sample is $3.99 each. Shipping is only $3.99 (the cost of one sample). Visit now!

4. Seven Points CBD

Get a free travel size jar of 125mg Body Repair Balm that is for sore muscles. Limit one sample per customer. Shipping is only $2.99 for USPS first class with tracking. Visit now!

5. Yes.Life CBD

Fill out form to request free sample. A customer service specialist will call to verify your order. Shipping and handling is $4.95. Visit now!

6. Diet Smoke

Try these edibles for FREE – just pay $2.99 shipping. These are legal in all 48 contiguous states. Visit now!

Some free CBD offers may enroll you in a subscription or membership, so if you do not wish to continue receiving the product, be sure to cancel your subscription before it renews and charges you. 

The CBD stores listed above may pay us a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase through our links. This is called affiliate marketing. Click here to learn more.  

25 Sites To Request Free CBD Samples

More Free CBD Sample Offers

Below is a curated list of more places offering free CBD samples for you to try.

  1. Alive Market CBD – Free farm-to-bottle sample (choice of CBD oil sample, CBD body butter sample, CBD lotion sample or CBD gummies sample). Shipping for me was $4.36 (may vary by location).
  2. Bailey’s – Free Bottle of 150mg CBD Oil for Dogs ($34.99 value). Shipping and handling is $8.95.
  3. Batch by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific – Free 5 mL bottle ($15 value). Limit one, just pay shipping. 
  4. Cannabis Pharmacy – Free Samples currently include Delta-9 THC gummies in Berry Buzz or Magic Melon, Delta-9 THC & CBD gummies in Peach Pear, CBD Morning Capsules with Caffeine, CBD Night Capsules with CBN, CBD Muscle & Joint Cooling Relief Cream, or CBD Muscle & Joint Heating Relief Cream. Shipping First-Class Mail for me was $3.26 but may vary by sample and location. 
  5. Cannabiva – Free 7-Day Sample Box ($25 value). Choice of Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum. Shipping is $4.95 for Standard Mail. 
  6. Crescent Canna – Free 2-pack THC Gummies Free Sample, flavor choices of Peach, Blue Raspberry or Green Apple. Flat-Rate shipping is $5. 
  7. Erth Wellness – Choice of CBD, THC and Delta-8 products. Fill out form for $15 off your choice of any of their sample products
  8. Herbal Fracture – Choose two free CBD samples from choices of Muscle Salve (Isolate or Full Spectrum) or Lip Balm 20mg Full Spectrum CO2. Must pay shipping. 
  9. Hit! Balm – Free sample of Extra Relief Camphor + Menthol Full Spectrum Balm. Just pay $3.00 shipping (will show in cart as $3 product + free shipping)
  10. Infinite CBD – Free  CBD and Full Spectrum (Contains THC + other cannabinoids) gummies. Choice of Regular, Extra, Wellness or Sleep. Email to request a sample. 
  11. Leanna Organics – Free sample options include CBD salve, CBD body cream, CBD foot cream, CBD face cream, CBD gummy, CBD massage oil, CBD mini-bites for dogs, or Full-Spectrum CBD oil. Fixed shipping is $3.99.
  12. Neurogan – Free 500MG full-spectrum CBD oil ($30 value).
  13. Noe Fresh – Free CBD Topical Samples, $5.00 for shipping.
  14. Organica Naturals – Free CBD Oil Samples (7-Day Starter Pack, $25 value), Choice of Full Spectrum CBD or Broad Spectrum CBD. Shipping is $4.95 for Standard Mail. 
  15. Plain Jane – Free full sized item. Choice of
  16. Pure Craft CBD – Free 8-count CBD Gummies, just pay $6.95 shipping.
  17. Restorative CBD – Free CBD Sleep Gummies (choice of four options to choose from). Flat rate shipping is $8.30.
  18. Sacred Essentials – Free CBD Infused Pain Balm Sample. Free shipping, but you must confirm email address (look in your spam folder).
  19. Twine CBD – Free travel size CBD topical cream – no credit card needed (limit one per customer)
  20. Zatural – Free CBD Oil Sample Bottle ($14.99 value), choice of Natural or Peppermint. Add to cart and apply discount code: FREECBD14 to reduce price to $0.00. Shipping is $4.00.

Taking advantage of free CBD sample offers is a smart and effective way to navigate the vast landscape of CBD products. Whether you’re seeking relief from specific ailments or simply curious about the potential benefits of CBD, these samples provide a risk-free opportunity to discover what works best for you. By exploring different types, strengths, and brands, you can make an informed decision without the commitment of a full purchase. Remember, the right CBD product for you is out there, and these free samples are your first step towards finding it. 

More Free Samples Via Mail

If you like to receive free samples in your mailbox, we have you covered with several other freebies to request – and most have totally free shipping so no credit card required!

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