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All You Need To Know About Acima Leasing Stores


Acima Leasing is a unique leasing company that offers a new way to shop for the things you need. With Acima, you can lease-to-own the latest electronics, furniture, appliances, and more. Whether you’re looking for a new mattress or refrigerator, Acima has you covered. Best of all, there’s no credit needed to qualify! Here’s everything you need to know about Acima Leasing.

What is Acima Leasing?

Acima is an alternative way to shop for the name-brand items you want, at the stores you want. With Acima, there’s no need to pay cash or rely on credit. After completing a quick and easy application process, you’ll receive an instant approval decision. If approved, begin a lease agreement that will allow you to get your merchandise right away for a low initial payment. Then make rental payments until you obtain ownership of the item.

How Does Acima Work?

Acima works by providing customers with a simple and convenient way to shop for the things they need. With Acima, one can choose from a wide variety of products and lease them for a low monthly payment. There’s no credit needed to qualify, so everyone can take advantage of Acima’s great deals. When one leases from Acima, they have the option to own the product at the end of your lease term. Or, one needs to return the product for any reason, they can do so at any time with no penalty.

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Acima Application Process

Acima’s application process is simple and straightforward. First, you fill out a short application on their website or right from a participating merchant’s website.

Acima Application Requirements

You could be approved for $300 to $4,000 of credit by meeting these requirements:

  • Active checking account 
  • At least $1000 of income per month
  • 3 months of income history
  • Government-issued photo ID and social security number or taxpayer identification number

Once approved, you’ll be able to shop from any of their participating retailers (listed later on in this article). After you’ve found what you’re looking for, just choose the “lease” option at checkout and make your payments over time. It’s that easy!

Benefits Of Acima Leasing

There are many benefits of leasing with Acima.

  1. First, there’s no credit needed to qualify, so everyone can take advantage of Acima’s great deals.
  2. Second, Acima offers flexible payment options so you can choose a plan that fits your budget.
  3. Third, if you need to return the product for any reason, you can do so at any time with no penalty.
  4. And fourth, when you lease from Acima, you have the option to own the product at the end of your lease term.

What Stores Accept Acima At Checkout?

Now that you know how Acima Leasing works, you may be wondering what stores all accept this payment method. This BNPL platform is accepted at a variety of stores. 

Stores That Accept Acima Leasing

List of Acima Leasing Stores

Shopping online with Acima is simple. Simply browse at any of the retailers shown below and select the items you want up to your approved lease amount. Acima will then make the purchase and set up a leasing agreement with you that outlines all of the details.

The above are all online stores that accept Acima Credit to buy now pay later. For a list of local stores that accept Acima Credit, click here for Acima’s store locator and search by your zip code. 

Acima FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Acima. 

Is Acima a real leasing company?

Yes, Acima is a real leasing company. They have been in business since 2013 and have helped thousands of people lease the things they need.

How do I qualify for an Acima lease?

To qualify for an Acima lease, you must have a government issued ID and have an income of at least $1,000 per month. There’s no credit needed to qualify, so everyone can take advantage of Acima’s great deals.

How much can I lease with Acima?

You can lease up to $4,000 with Acima.

What are the terms of an Acima lease?

The terms of an Acima lease vary depending on the product you’re leasing.

Does Acima leasing build credit?

If you make your payments on time and as agreed, Acima will report your activity to Experian—one of the three major consumer credit bureaus. This way, you can begin to establish or build your credit history.

How do I make payments on my Acima lease?

You have several options for making payments:

  • Automatically via ACH, which pulls the funds directly from your bank account.
  • In the mobile app
  • Logging into your online account
  • Over the phone by calling customer service at (801) 297-1982.
  • In-person depending on your lease agreement, you may be able to make cash payments at popular retailers (for a $1.50 transaction fee)at the following stores: CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar and 7-Eleven using a VanillaDirect Pay barcode. If this option is available to you, the barcode can be accessed by logging into your online account.

When is my first payment due?

The dates you enter for your renewal payments on your application determine your due date. You can change how often you make these payments after making the first one.

Does Acima leasing report to credit bureaus?

Acima reports back to credit bureaus periodically with data surrounding your lease-to-own agreement.

What if I can’t make a payment?

If you can’t make a payment, please contact Acima as soon as possible so they can work with you to find a solution.

What if I want to return the item I leased?

If you need to return the item you leased, you can do so at any time with no penalty.

Is Acima and Progressive Leasing the same?

No, Acima and Progressive Leasing are not the same. While both companies offer leasing options for shoppers, they have different terms and conditions. Be sure to read over each company’s agreement before making a decision.

Who owns Acima?

Acima Leasing is owned by Rent-A-Center. See press release here

Where is Acima located?

Acima Leasing is headquartered in Draper, UT. The address is: 13907 Minuteman Dr 5th Floor, Draper, UT 84020

What is Acima’s phone number?

The Acima phone number is 801-297-1982. Representatives are available to take your call Monday-Friday 6:30am-7pm MT and Saturday 7:30am-3:30pm MT. 

Acima Leasing Alternatives

If you do not qualify for Acima, we recommend the following buy now pay later financing providers. Click the corresponding BNPL option to see which stores accept that method. 


Acima Leasing is a great option for those who need to lease something but don’t have the best credit. The process is simple and there are many benefits, including no credit required and no upfront costs or down payments required.